The best rain on PS3 – the games that make falling water awesome

OPM: If there’s anything you can guarantee from the weather is that it’ll be rubbish. So as winter gets even more cold and unpleasant lets face to the storm by celebrating PlayStation’s best rain. It might suck in real life but at least in games it makes those particle effects sing!

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Ezz20133139d ago

uncharted 2 rain level
uncharted 3 chip yard level
god of war 3 rain
heavy "rain"

that's what on my head right now

darthv723139d ago

good examples. I'd say that the dynamics of water itself is a tough one to get right. If you arent interacting with it, it can be quite nice in the simple ways of making it flow.

An older game that had some decent water effects was quantum redshift. it was a wipeout clone for the original xbox but when you would splash through those water portions, it created a smear and splattering effect that seemed very natural on the screen.

But then look at resistance 2 and the strange way the water dissipated when you moved through it....i guess it just comes down to how interactive the developers want to make water in a game.

InactiveUser3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Beyond: Two Souls

5:12 mark - Cutscene, but looks in-engine (video also isn't the greatest quality)

ChronoJoe3138d ago

GT5 has the best rain / snow effects I've seen.

guitarded773139d ago

You'd think GT5 would be on the list... especially considering this is a PS site. Crazy.

th3n00bg4m3r3138d ago

Holly crap that game looks like realistic game.

TemplarDante3138d ago

GT5 is just crazy awesome. Dynamic Time:
Circuit De La Sarthe.
Weather : Rain 100%

Lior3139d ago

I would really like to see uncharted 3 optimised to run on PC

AKS3139d ago

Considering it's put together by perhaps Sony's top developer, of which they have had 100% ownership since 2001, I think the chances of that are rather slim.

TemplarDante3138d ago

If only pc exclusive devs could optimise like console only devs.
I bet the talented guys at Naughty Dog could polish any 3rd party game up and make it look brilliant.
Next gen.. FTW.
Even when the inevitable pc fanboys spew "man my pc specs are like nitrogen cool I7 overclocked to 20GHZ and teh GPU is like so super duper and I got teh 20gb of ram and like 2TB SSD" etc etc etc.
The PS4 will be pushed to the limits and exceed its expectations by Naughty Dog. You can just imagine how ND would still astound with 2013 hardware... in 2019 :)

Megaton3138d ago

Same. I see these PS3 exclusives and see nothing but wasted potential. Even PC games running on UE3 often blow away PS3 exclusives.

Panthers3139d ago

Am I the only one that thought the first Uncharted had the best rain at the end? It was very immersive.

WalterWJR3138d ago

Play uncharted Drake's Fortune these days and you will see how much graphics have improved in the ps3's cycle. That was a very memorable scene but it came to early this gen to be considered on this list.

Eyeco3138d ago

I thin Uncharted is one of the few if not only games to my knowledge that actually makes you look wet, clothing and hair wise.

BTW I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!

Awesome_Gamer3138d ago

I agree, the ship yard chapters in Uncharted 3 were absolutely amazing.

GuyThatPlaysGames3138d ago

Oh geez. What article is next? "The Best Looking Air In Games". -_-

Ryto3138d ago

Im surprised GTA4 isn't on the list, when it rained in that game, and all the streets were wet, it just looked brilliant!

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fabod863139d ago

"The best rain on PS3"...... did you loose this part? :/

fabod863138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

sorry i know that it's not a justification but English is not my main language. ^^"

NastyLeftHook03139d ago

uncharted 3 ship level! best rain i seen in a game period!

chukamachine3138d ago

There are so many examples of great rain fx in ps3 games.

My favs are.

UNCHARTED3 ship level.
F1 2012

But also, rain when cold turns to snow:) For that there is only UNCHARTED2, KZ3.

YodaCracker3139d ago

I love Red Dead Redemption's rain and thunderstorm effects. You can actually see the storm clouds approaching from the distance, and the way the lightning flashes in the clouds along with the wonderful thunder sound effects really adds to the immersion. I hope the weather is realistic like this in GTA V as well.

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