Think Survival Horror Is Gone? Check Out These 10 Creepy Games Coming in 2013


Many are upset over the Resident Evil series becoming more like a blockbuster action movie than a survival horror experience. But that doesn't mean you can't get your horror fix. The survival horror genre is back and getting more frightening than ever.

IronFistChinMi4169d ago

Some good games there, but no State of Decay. People need to keep an eye on that one.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

State of Decay doesn't even look scary.

Might check it out if not playing day z standalone.

I want outlast. A game made by ex ubi and naughty dog devs.

The single player games are the scary ones.

4168d ago
knowyourstuff4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Most of these games are for PC, in other words, none will sell well if it isn't on a console. The only games on PC that have sold well in the last 8 years are WoW, Starcraft, Elder Scrolls games, Diablo 3, and Sims games. Everything else gets torrented beyond belief, to the point where they can't sell more than a few hundred thousand copies - and they're well established franchises.

Horror stuff isn't exactly the play it safe stuff put out by publishers. Since people have no idea if they'll like the game, and they can't rent it, they torrent it. It's sad, as these games deserve to be a commercial success such that more can get made, perhaps on more platforms so more people can enjoy them.

Rex_Aeternae4168d ago


While I admit that most pirating does happen on the pc it does happen for the consoles as well. Obviously the process to pirate on a console is harder than a pc but it still happens.

As for the fact that people torrent the games to see if they like it, if they are respectable and are merely getting the torrent to demo the game then they will do as pirating should do and if they like it buy the game and if they don't just uninstall it.

-MD-4168d ago

@knowyourstuff - Your name is painfully ironic, you're so wrong about everything that you just wrote that I have physical pain in my balls from it.

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princejb1344168d ago

outlast looks scary as hell

especially the part where he was running on the hallway and when he looked back the thing was running behind him as well

amnesia looks awesome as well
the rest not so much

these are real survival horror games
no guns, just a flashlight, you running and hiding away from the monsters. and ones again no guns, it gives the real feel of having to survive than shooting everything that moves around you

ATi_Elite4168d ago

@ knowyourstuff: had the NERVE to say: "Most of these games are for PC, in other words, none will sell well if it isn't on a console".

Yes most of these games are on the PC cause that's the platform that has continued to have greats sales figures for Indie Devs wanting to make TRUE survival Horror games while most console Survival Horror games get transformed into a call of Duty clone!

insert Resident Evil and Dead Space here for great examples!

You need to realize that the PC has a very different business model than the console and although selling 2 or 3 million units is nice...a dev can make a great profit just from selling 700K units.

No plastic boxes, No shipping Games, No advertisement, No Sony/MS tax, sometimes NO publisher, sale the game forever on steam, etc..

Also most of these PC survival Horror titles are on their sequel or is the second or third survival game from the Dev so therefore they are making money on the PC.

Hopefully ALL of these titles make it to Next Gen consoles as everyone should be able to enjoy TRUE Survival Horror games such as Amnesia and Slenderman and not call of duty clones that use to be scary!!!

yeahokchief4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

I saw Dead Space 3 on the list before I didn't read the article. Not survival horror.

Developers have even specifically said it's "action horror" which translates to action coop game. No thank you.



"Ohhhhh noooooo. GET IT GET IT!"

Venoxn4g4167d ago

yea I know, but there are some good games from less known devs and games do look good, cant wait

Bloodraid4169d ago

I'm so tired of hearing about Dead Space. The series is ass at best.

MizTv4169d ago

Maybe to you
But I like the series
So next time ill chech with you if it's ok I like a certin game

MysticStrummer4168d ago

I'm so tired of hearing people state an opinion as though it was fact.

cervantes994168d ago

I'm so tired of internet nobody's thinking their opinion matters.

Raccoon4168d ago

Hey Bloodraid can you please let me like "the last of us" pleaseeeeee

Bloodraid4166d ago

Go for it, no one is stopping you. But I'm flattered that you ask for my permission beforehand.

And for the record, my point with that comment was that Dead Space is not survival horror, and it's tiring to see people presenting it as such.

Just because a game is mildly scary, or full of cheap jump scares, doesn't make it survival horror.

You see, there's more to the Survival Horror genre than it being scary, just like there's more to the RPG genre than playing as a specific character.

Of course, I can't expect people on N4G to understand more than how to enter their login.

Raccoon4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

dear bloodrain,
when I was 8 years old an envious person fed my husky ground beef mixed with crushed glass, while our family was out for vacation he died of severe constipation... human nature is a scary thing and dead space is not.

Blacktric4168d ago

-Dead Space 3
-Survival Horror

Pick one.

Brownghost4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

Next dead space is a sci fi third person shooter. Nothing else.

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Kran4169d ago

Wish they'd show us more of Among the Sleep.

I get the feeling the developers are slacking, especially since they had a side project they delayed Among the Sleep for, and even that side project hasn't had much told about it.

thaaceman4169d ago

Im sorry but if you haven't played Amnesia w/ headphones on & the only light coming from your computer monitor you do not know fear seriously scared the hell outta me cannot wait to play the sequel slenderman wasn't bad but no amnesia the atmosphere was so damn creepy.