8.0 reviews Frontlines: Fuel of War

Frontlines as a single-player game actually came as quite a surprise.'d expected its open nature to feel like a series of watered down multiplayer matches, but once you get into the heat of action it's a thrilling experience. It's the multiplayer that will give Frontlines legs though, providing gamers with epic 50-player battles that really give the big boys of the genre a real run for their money. THQ hasn't had the greatest showing on next-gen consoles so far, but Frontlines has the potential to be a very successful franchise.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3890d ago

Like I said once before, "this game will score in the mid to high 8's" and a few low 9's. It's a pretty good game and it should do well.

heyheyhey3890d ago

lol you got banned from gamer zone as well?

is frontlines one of the ones you got to play-test?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

No not banned, I have only had like 2 comments deleted by a mod, it's set on open by default LOL just can't get the fanboy out of me no matter how hard I try :) Yeah tested this, it realy isn't bad. I hope they touched it up more for the shadows though.

heyheyhey3890d ago

yeah i hear ya- too bad it probably wont sell well what with it being hugely MP-focused and people already having COD4 for that

also i get the feeling that most people who played the demo on XBL didn't like it- but you have fun bro

BeaArthur3890d ago

haha, then everyone who actually buys the game can fit into one room. I played the demo for this for about 5 minutes and then deleted it.

iNcRiMiNaTi3890d ago

i think i heard something about this game being made by some key people who made battlefield 2 pc and it sparked interest ever since then. glad to see it did pretty good. ill prolly pick the game up pretty soon. there arent really any good games till about a month or two from now so this game should keep me busy till then

i Shank u3890d ago

agreed man, this game will be my holdover until GTA 4 and Ninja gaiden 2 get out in stores. this is a pretty damn good holdover too, i want to go rip it up in some jets already

Dlacy13g3890d ago

And I will be the first to say the single player demo didnt impress me at all! I felt it was a very early build of a game riddled with bugs and was honestly suprised to see it released as a demo. Sure it looked nice but it had issues. I deleted it the day I downloaded it.

Then the Multiplayer demo showed up...and honestly I was going to pass on it given the single player demo I had tried back in the Nov. time frame. But...I had read alot on it and knew about the dedicated servers so I gave it a shot. Boy oh boy, what a difference a few months can make! I havent stopped playing the demo since I downloaded it a few weeks back.

I am very excited to get the final build and experience the other mulitplayer maps. This basically is the new Battlefield game for the 360.

ASSASSYN 36o3890d ago

I can't stop playing it either. I haven't played any of my games since the day the mulitplayer demo came out.

games4fun3890d ago

let me get this straight all this time i've been talking about how great dedicated servers are and everyone with live disagreed with me. Now a game comes along with dedicated servers and lo and behold the online runs great and you praise it.

Are you guys ready to admit that dedicated servers are way better than a p2p network that live normally uses? and that since you pay 50 bucks there should be a lot of dedicated servers for a lot of your games and maybe the claim that psn has less lag is validated because a good ammount of games have dedicated servers on psn?

i Shank u3890d ago

come on man not everything has to be an argument. i dont know who you're talking to but im a 360 gamer and ive been thinking and saying what youve been saying for awhile, and im just glad to see its finally happening, with this game (and the upcoming APB from makers of Crackdown) having dedicated servers.
Im sure we can all agree its about damn time!

games4fun3890d ago

an honest reply i make a valid point and in fact i hope that more games have dedicated servers for live in fact if gears 2 does get dedicated servers ill buy an xbox because i loved playing the original so much.

I'm not trying to start a fight its just a little frustrating trying to talk about the positives of dedicated servers and hearing how p2p is just as good when it is very obvious it isnt. And then all of a sudden a turnaround in ideas occur

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