Looks like Wii U GamePads are region-locked as well

Games aren't the only region-locking aspect of the Wii U - it looks like the GamePad itself is region-locked as well.

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PopRocks3592122d ago

Seems odd that they would region lock the controller (given it cannot function without the already region locked console) but I suppose it really doesn't matter since the controller is just a controller.

Just another in a long line of weird decisions by the Big N it seems.

NYC_Gamer2122d ago

It's because a person from EU could order one from the states for cheaper..That would take away profit that Nintendo could have made in that market..

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Blank2122d ago

Yup you explained it in a nutshell kinda suxs because what if in the future I see an awesome unique colored wii u gamepad from another region?? I swear im a sucker for different colored consoles and accessories especially collector ones like the japanese oftenly get

-Mika-2122d ago

So why didn't sony reigon lock the vita? Stop making excuses for them. Nintendo is a really anti-consumer company and people really shouldn't be defending this

n4f2122d ago

yeah yeah watever mika and her/his/its second account you know your opinion is not welcome

ChickeyCantor2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Oh look it's Hatsune repeating the same crap over and over:

Wii U is rubbish > Ps3 is better > Can't wait for PS4.

I'm sure if Miku and Mika fused together, it wouldn't be their final form.

Yi-Long2122d ago

... many people now travel the world and pick something up for themselfs or their kids or whatever. Be it games, controllers, consoles, whatever.

Right now, I'm in Hong Kong for a year. After a year I'll be back in Holland. This kinda news just means we certainly won't be picking up a WiiU here, cause it will be useless once we go back.

I usually pick up controllers here in Hong Kong for the 360 and PS3, cause they're very exensive in Holland. If that wouldn't be an option, we'd probably opt for 3rd party controllers instead of 1st party controllers.

This whole region-locking thing is just beyond stupid.

miyamoto2122d ago

Good thing PS3 is not region locked...or elze we wont be enjoying Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation and Unicorn.

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corrus2122d ago

Big and stupid decisions of little stupid n HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA the stupidity of Nintendo not have end first voice chat after that trophies and now this they are very very stupid

Salamander2122d ago

Your comment seems even more stupider.

Welshy2122d ago

Coming next to a Wii U near you: Region locked analog sticks?

Visiting family in the UK flying from the US and want to take you Wii U for a fun night with a few beers?

As of FW2.55, when the Wii U gamepad crosses the atlantic border between US and UK, the sticks will lock out and then release on your return home.

Happy Xmas from Nintendo!

BlackWolf2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Well, that sucks. Nintendo should be a little more permissive in this matters. They tend to be too much cautious.

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dazzrazz2122d ago

Whats next ? Region locked cables ? lol 0_o

adorie2122d ago

Well, that is entirely possible, seeing as how cables are becoming more "smart" and may have chips in them at either end.

animegamingnerd2122d ago

well metal gear solid rising demo is region locked so this doesn't surprise me

t0mmyb0y2122d ago

Are you serious a DEMO is locked!!

sloth33952122d ago

power cables are different in other countries

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2122d ago

"In the video game industry, Nintendo was the originator of regional lockout. "

No one does it better than the originator!

rainslacker2122d ago

Region locking was the reason I learned to do modding on systems. Didn't want to pay someone an obscene amount of money just to throw in a switch into my Saturn to play imports. I went on to mod over 200 PS2's about 100 PS1's, and some Saturn's, along with repairing systems from time to time. I later got heavy into pirating games, but came to realize it was wrong and had a change of heart. Take that for what it's worth.

Blank2122d ago

Wow so thats where this trend come from thanks for the info I was always curious damn this region lock stuff and having the gaming populace seperate in regions along with no network integration between all consoles and pc seems so old we have the tech and the next natural huge step in gaming is destroying these border buuut by the way the big 3 replied to this issue which is the same response from sony, MS, and nintendo is simply "no wont happen" a business influenced answer only in a perfect utopia will i be able to play with all my gaming bretheren

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sitharrefus2122d ago

thats just silly, shame on you Nintendo

Qrphe2122d ago

It makes sense, prices may vary greatly from region to region.

SkullBlade1692122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

No, Nintendo are just shameless money grabbers, similar to how they release two versions of the same damn game at the same time with small changes every generation (Pokemon)

Bereaver2122d ago

People also probably don't realize that there's region locking to protect shortages in supply.

Chrono1e2122d ago

I have no idea why this comment have 14 disagrees, like are people stupid?

Baka-akaB2122d ago

what shortages lol ? the thing is readily available

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showtimefolks2122d ago

that's one thing i love about ps3 that its region free. is wii-u system region free? i believe all systems should be region free so some games that don't end up releasing in the west we can buy and play.

hopefully next xbox and ps will be region free

rainslacker2122d ago

The Wii U is region locked. Not sure about the Xbox. The PS3 leaves it up to the publishers to decide, only one I know for sure about is Persona 4 Arena being locked, but it's a software thing.

Agree with you about region free, even though I know why they do it, it is annoying.

showtimefolks2122d ago

yeah but its bad for some of us who are actually looking to buy games from over seas which won't be released here in the west. I hope ms and sony go for region free systems. most of the games on ps3 have been region free

for someone like me i know its a big buying point

GenericNameHere2122d ago

Only PS3 is region-free, yet a lot of people hate on it? Why not hate on Nintendo and Microsoft for having region-lock?

About P4A, it's the ONLY region-locked game so far in the entire 6 years the PS3 has been out.

rainslacker2122d ago

I understand. I was really big on Japanese games up until the middle of the PS1 era. At that time some really cool anime games never made it over seas. But then the anime boom happened and more games in those genre's started getting localized, so I didn't really have a need to get my fix in that way. Now it's more that I'd only import JRPG's that don't make it stateside, but since I play those for the story, it didn't really make sense to import them anymore.

fermcr2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

Another reason not to purchase a WiiU. Wii U GamePads region-locked ... what a joke.

PopRocks3592122d ago

Having to buy a controller from your own region is a reason not to buy the console? That... doesn't make a lick of sense to me. Especially when the console in question only supports one gamepad right now.

Redempteur2122d ago

region lock in any kind of form is a valid reason to not buya product no matter how you spin it ...

Region lock , in this day and age shouldn't exist ..

PopRocks3592121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

I'm not spinning anything. I just think it is pretty extreme. I don't usually import anything from overseas, so it really is not an issue for me. I understand it is indeed a very needless limitation, but I hardly see it as a reason not to buy a gaming product that has games I like.

Summons752122d ago

Yes because not having a gamepad with Japanese on the black completely ruins the fun of the system that games provide. Get a life fanboy, not liking a system for a valid reason is one thing but to hate it because of something a very small minority do is such a dumb reason to not like something.

rainslacker2122d ago

There are certainly some cool things that Japanese gamers get in the way of colors or limited editions that are nice to have if your a collector, but a reason not to buy the system? That's just grasping at straws.

fermcr2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

I didn't say i I'm not purchasing the WiiU because Wii U GamePads are region-locked... i said that's another reason to not purchase the WiiU.

PopRocks3592122d ago

No offense here, but I think you're just splitting hairs at this point.

rainslacker2122d ago

Maybe you can explain why you would buy a gamepad from another region, and how not being to do so would influence your purchase.

fermcr2122d ago (Edited 2122d ago )

"Maybe you can explain why you would buy a gamepad from another region"

I live in Europe (Euros) and everything is more expensive then other regions. I could purchase a gamepad from the US (dollars) probably at half price i purchase where i live... basically, monetary reasons.

"No offense here, but I think you're just splitting hairs at this point. "
You clearly don't understand what I'm saying. A few reasons why i probably won't purchase the WiiU: games region locked, gamepad region locked, have little interest in Nintendo exclusives (out of all the exclusives presented for WiiU, i would only play one or two), gamepad very awkward to play with, console is as powerful as a 6-7 year console (this should of been the Wii 6 years ago), USB 2.0 (seriously ??? why not USB 3.0 ?)... and have little interest in a tablet from the gamepad (don't have a tablet and honestly not really interested in one).
Are these reasons enough for you ... or am i just splitting hairs at this point?

Baka-akaB2121d ago

seriously stop pretending to be dense . It's obvious it's not the reason but adds up to the rest of the negative points for HIM .

ZombieNinjaPanda2121d ago


Tests have shown that there is a minute difference between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Not nearly enough of a difference to warrant using 3.0. And believe me I was rather angry when I heard this.

PopRocks3592121d ago


Next time he should form his argument better.


Well actually, I think your reasons are rather unfounded, but that's just me. It's your life, you live it. Good day to you.

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