Home is 'best-looking multiplayer world'

The creative director of Sony's Home project has told in an exclusive interview to be published in full next week that he believes the PlayStation 3 virtual world platform is the "best-looking" and most "user-friendly" multiplayer experience he's seen so far.

Talking on a recent trip to Monaco for the Imagina conference, Ron Festejo explained his feeling that other virtual worlds, such as Second Life, were garish, while other online experiences were simply too hardcore for most people.

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Creepa at GameManx3944d ago

Beats chest, proud to be a PS3 owner!

Time Lord3944d ago

release the damn thing!!!!!!!

Marceles3944d ago

lol I agree with you eagle-eyes...the Home torture is starting to get unbearable now. It's like a kid licking an ice cream cone in front of another kid that's starving. I want an ice cream cone and at the same time I wanna slap his cone so it hits the ground.

Maddens Raiders3944d ago

I probably shouldn't say anything else or things will get nasty.....

INehalemEXI3944d ago

I wish we could get a countdown.

Stubacca3944d ago

I'm all for a countdown idea like.

If it's gonna be as ground-breaking as everyone expects then it'd be both great in terms of marketing the service and create awarness within the PS3 community.

Lifendz3943d ago

I'd like a timeframe for an open beta.

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ShadesMoolah3944d ago

Feasible I guess. I'm interested in a release date more than anything. Damn those lucky BETA testers.

SONY guy talks up SONY product, now there's a surprise.

Neurotoxin3944d ago

I`m thinking Sony guy Rubbishing a Sony Product would get him fired.... Not much of an incentive. In fact i`m fairly sure that no company in history will ever say anything bad about a product they are creating.

Strange that.

Bebedora3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

It will cost you sh*t load of money to use it is my guesstimate. The price of a harddrive for some with the core version.

Killjoy30003944d ago

theres no doubt in mind that it will give us more and then some.... ALOT!! everything we are currently hoping for will be in the final product will be there.

theres no doubt it will deliver.

Grahammad3944d ago

Agreed, plus when it comes out I'll be customizing my avatar to look Helghast. Go Helghast brother in arms.

Superiorrior3944d ago

The creative direct should have re-thought on how he was going to say this, for what Home is, and that is free it is the best-looking multi-player world, but I do believe it will be extremely user-friendly.

Reiterating my first point, it is the best-looking for a FREE world, but it isn't the "Best".

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The story is too old to be commented.