Has the Red Ring of Death Brought Fear to Your Gaming?

From Loot Ninja:

"I'm on my 9th Xbox 360. After 5 dead Premium systems since launch, I decided to spring for an Elite, with the hopes of better hardware. I was sadly mistaken, as I've gone through 3 Elites so far, with my 4th and current being a Falcon. I've had this one for two months now and haven't had any issues. The reason I keep coming back, aside from the games (which I'll touch on in a second), is the fact that I purchased the Best Buy warranty with both systems and have been able to swap it in store with no issue."

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taz80803891d ago

RROD is definitely something that scares the pants off of me, it has hit me twice now and both times has been a hastle to get another console to game on. That was the nice thing about the PS3 and Wii, never had to worry about them, just the PS3 collecting dust and the Wii having no games ot play. hehehe

drunkpandas3891d ago

I don't think I've ever had to dust something as much as the PS3

gamesR4fun3891d ago

But dont fear the rrod play it like you own it and when it goes order up your coffin...
N when you cant take it anymore buy a ps3 and never get rrod again.

marinelife93891d ago

I have only a few things I'm afraid of in life


Public Speaking

My tax bill every year

and buying a 360 that might RROD.

I know I'll die one day like it or not.

I still speak in public from time to time during meetings and at church.

I write that check every April

But I'm still to parallelized to buy a 360.

wallace10003891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Why would you fear something like that. If it happens you get it fixed for free and all you do is go to a store and buy a new one with a 15 day customer satisfaction guarantee, open the packaging very nicely and take out only the box and use the hardware you already have. Once your box comes back all fixed put the 15 day console back in the packaging, seal it up all nice and you are good to go. I have only had one dead box since launch and getting a new one wasn't a hassle at all.

deeznuts3891d ago

Are we so used to shoddy manufacturing and customer service that we can sit there and advise someone else to buy a product knowing there's a huge chance it will fail, just because it has a warranty and the process is relatively pain-free?

I don't give a damn how good the games are, I'm not lowering my standards as such. I'll still buy a 360, knowing it might fail, but I won't sit there and sugarcoat the purchase to someone else. I'll tell it like it is. "go for it, but it might die on you."

wallace10003891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

You buy any product knowing that it might fail. 3% of all fail right? Last time i checked the 360 was somewhere around 16%??? One died in 2 years for me, not that big a deal. I just really enjoy the games available on the 360.
Actually microsofts consumer support is far better than dell and samsung, in my experience anyways. Dell are useless and it took a lot of effort to get samsung to stand behind their warranty. Microsoft were a walk in the park :-)

cmrbe3891d ago

wallace. Great for you guys in the States you can do that. For us here where i live its 2 months. I suspect alot of other people are in the same situation.

wallace10003891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I am not in the states my friend, i am in Canada. They told me 3 to 4 weeks and i told them to get it to me within 2 weeks otherwise i might take my business elsewhere (Priority shipping with courier can go anywhere in a day or two :-D). Don't give them an inch, always demand more. My 360 had to be sent 2700 miles to get looked at then a new one was sent out (British Columbia to Ontario). In this day and age nothing takes a long time, it only takes a long time if you let it take a long time. cmrbe where do you live?

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heyheyhey3891d ago

holy sh!t 9th 360- thats insane

so if on average people have to wait 3 weeks for a replacement then this guy lost about 7 months of gaming due to RROD

drunkpandas3891d ago

Didn't really lose much time. As I stated in the article, I have the Best Buy warrant, so broken systems were swapped in store the same day

Superiorrior3891d ago

@drunk pandas

Your console dies and you go back to buy another one, why do the rest of the 16 million people follow this trend? Seriously signs of addiction are concerning, but this... 9th Xbox, this is the pinnacle of stupidity, attachment rate to a console that fails on an epic scale is way to high, and is no doubt the consumer-bomb of the decade.

You live in fear not knowing when the red wink won't let you play, seriously I'd sit back and laugh but I find this to be more disgusting than humorous now.

drunkpandas3891d ago

If you read the article, you'd know I have the Best Buy warranty, meaning I haven't paid for replacement consoles. It's not like I've gone out and bought 9 of these

Superiorrior3891d ago

I did read the article, but companies can't honor these policies forever, what happens when the three year warranty for Xbox 360 is up, Microsoft just releases a new console? Most likely.


after my second one , I would have ask for my money back...I guess you enjoy the commute

CrazedFiend3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

9 Times!?!?!?

Are you F'n kidding me???
That's insane!

Friends list, games, Live, I don't care. When it comes to electronics, nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is worth 9 freakn' replacements!

If my PS3 break down, I may replace it ONCE. Wii, ONCE. PSP, DS, Playstation, Nintendo, Genesis? Once, once, once, once and ONCE. I've NEVER had to replace any console I've ever had. Not even since the days of the Atary 2600. So why is this trend suddenly ok? Because of a warranty?

What is a warranty for? As a consumer, isn't a warranty there so that we can replace our broken good with one that works? Since when has it become cool to replace something broken with something else broken? Has Microsoft fixed the problem yet? Clearly not enough IMHO.

Cars, DVD players, TVs, video cameras, ATM machines, computers, stereos, microwave freakn' ovens, WHO CARES!? No electronic good is worth 9 f'n replacements!

...OK, rethinking the ATM thing...

But anyway, what's up with these people??? It really amazes me that a company could make so much off of such crap (not saying that the business of this this particular console is crap, but the quality of the hardware sure as hell is). Could you honestly think of anything else where you would ever deal with this much b$ with such a sh!t-eaten grin on your face? I can't. I don't plan to.

I have a X360 that I bought for Gears before this whole thing became an issue. You know what? I barely play it anymore. Why? Because now knowing the track record these things have, I know that if it breaks down on me, I'm NOT gonna go back to the store to pick up a replacement which I KNOW is probably gonna break on me too (if my 360 is gonna break down on me, it's gonna go out in Ninja Gaiden 2 glory!)

Honestly, if this had never been an issue, then sure I would have replaced it once if it ever broke down. Sometimes sh!t happens. No harm, no foul. But 9 freakn' times??? Your a$$ doesn't feel the slightest bit sore?

I honestly would not replace my 360 until Microsoft makes some boxes that work. Or at least until right b4 my 3 years is up (then pray that they got their act together by then). Until then, the games (as good as they may be) would just have to collect dust while I play games on systems that work.

You wanna replace something that much, replace your lights, replace your toothbrush...leave the broken hardware in the store.

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Mr Blings3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

I luckily haven't gone through nearly as many 360's as you, but I'm on my 3rd right now and my current system has been getting a ton of disc read errors with newer games mainly, which i find weird b/c my older games never seem to have a problem. Have mainly had issues with cd4, mass effect, and half life 2.

I also have the warranty through gamespot...which means no more warranties after my current system fails...

This has definately made my 360 playing habits become fewer and for less amounts of time.

I picked up a ps3 at the start of the year after the warner decsion came out at CES. Ps3 has been getting play time, even though i bought it more for a movie machine. Sony would/could easily be getting more of my $ however. All they have to do is fix the scaling issues for older hd tv's that only output in 1080i. That has been a real thorn in my side when it comes to playing ps3 games. I refuse to pay 60 dollars to buy a hd ps3 game to only get bumped down to 480p. Please no idiot remarks that i should just go buy a new tv. I dont want a new tv, i like my tv and every other hd add on is able to scale to 1080i without a problem. Its only the ALMIGHTY PS3 that has this problem. Atleast UT3 is able to play in 1080i and a few others such as uncharted and ratchet. And bluray movies, which is most important b/c thats what i mainly bought it for.

I was really hoping to hear about a new 360 sku this week...My current 360 warranty is good through August so hopefully my current machine can hold on a bit longer and more reliable hardware is in process of being rolled out.

BeaArthur3891d ago

I don't think I could have put this article any better myself. I have only had one failure but it was after I had it for a year and 3 months. Since I didn't get the RROD I had to pay $100 to get it fixed and was without it for about 4 weeks. When I sent it off I decided it was a good time to get a ps3 and now that I have it back I am so paranoid that it is going to break again. And if it does I don't care if it is under warranty or not I will get it fixed and then trade it in along with all my accessories and games. So from now on I am buying games made for both ports on the ps3 to try and give the 3fixme a break. This article hits the nail right on the head, I couldn't have said it any better myself.

Mainman3891d ago

Have you tried to deselect 720p, so it forces the picture to 1080i?
As far as I know, the PS3 upscales the image this way.

Upscaling has been added to the PS3 so you shouldn't have this problem anymore.

Mr Blings3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

How I wish you were right brother...but unfortunately SONY has swept this under the rug. The ps3 will upscale dvd's, ps1 and ps2 games, but will not upscale 720p native ps3 games. Why? I have no clue. There are a bunch of theories. At this point however devs have to implement this into their games, but SONY has not made it mandatory that devs implement 1080 support. If the game supports 1080p then the game will run in 1080i. If no 1080p support is added, gamers like myself are up the creek w/out a paddle. Talking to home beta tersters SONY has even taken 1080 support out of HOME. It had been there, but a few revisions ago it was taken down to only 720p support. Which means when it finally does come out, I will be rocking home in 480p. To make problems worse the box art does not always give correct info for the games. Example: UT3 states on back of box that only 720p is supported, but it will upscale to 1080i. I have heard there are a few games that state 1080i support, but in fact do not. Here is a thread on the official sony forums that has close to over 3000 replies of ps3 owners who have this issue. Anytime I want to think about buying a game for ps3 I have to go to this thread because they keep an updated list of what games support 1080 and which games do not.

How can someone disagree? This is a real issue. I deal with it on a daily basis. This site has more and more F'ing a**holes on it by the day

Beavis...that brought you to the front of the thread...the thread is 294 pages long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

beavis4play3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

scaling issue was fixed with update 3 months after launch. i wouldn't think a systmem you bought now would need it but you might go to and look to get the update.

edit. mr. blings-those forum posts....look at the dates....they are from right after launch. go to the playstation site and go to the updates. get update that corrects this and you're set. i did this in Feb. '07 and have had no problem since. if you can't do this on your own, get someone to help you.

Nathaniel_Drake3891d ago

Some people think Microsoft is using the 3 year warranty to avoid lawsuits, but are they doing it to buy extra time to replace the population of 360 owners with the Falcon model?

What I want to know is are owners of the Falcon model RRODing?

Mr Blings3891d ago

January 08, it automatically updated the firmware to the latest revision 2.10 at the system set up the first time i turned the system on...stop acting like you know what your talking about. you are obviously the one who has no clue...thinking your playing all games in hd when you are not

titntin3891d ago

Re your resolution problem - I don't understand why you don't just play games at 720P? Thats the native resolution of nearly all titles anyway, and a 720P image beats the hell out of any interlaced picture I've ever seen. If you have a TV that doesn't support 720P output then you really should ditch it..sorry but thats the HD standard and a TV not supporting it would be insane.

Mr Blings3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

thats the point I can't. Many early hd tv's and hd crt tvs only output in 1080i, it does not support 720p...if a game is native 720p with no 1080 support, the games get bumped down to 480p...SONY screwed all early adopters of hd tvs by not supporting all hd resolutions. even many early sony hd tv's were this way. my tv is only 3 years old
your comment about ditching my
every other hd add on supports all hd res. only product that does not is the ps3. cable boxes, do 360 does...devices like the ps3 are made to compliment ones tv. my tv is not made to compliment the ps3. 1080i was the standard at the start of hd tv, 720p wasnt even around

titntin3890d ago

Fair enough mate - I wasn't aware that early TV's did not support any progressive scan HD modes.

I guess if you are happy with an interlaced signal and wish to keep such a set, then this issue would indeed be really annoying. But if you spent any time with a progressive scan set you would never want to go back!! Interlaced signals are horrible to my eyes and the 1080i standard was simply a way for cheap TV componants to deliver a 'headline' resolution while only actiually delivering half the picture each frame.

The difference in approach from MS and Sony is responsable here: Ms has a much tighter lock down on what can and cant be done, and as the hardware scaling chip basically does the res for free you can be guarenteed of support. This approach has some drawbacks, but it does mean a consistent set of features across software, which is much appreciated. Sony operates a more 'open structure' where by a dev can choose to support what resolutions they want, but they need to code it themselves. Though I approve of the more open approach for some issues, and it can have bennifits, this issue of yours certainly highlights how if can be a horrible failure too - as does the lacklustre 'friends support in multiplayer games, which is also a result of leaving it up to the developer.

I hope theres a solution forthcoming for you guys in the future, but I rather doubt it. Who knows, maybe a rich relative will spontaneously decide to buy you a full 1080P set!! :)

hfaze3890d ago

Solution, ditch the 480i/1080i TV and get one that at least does 720p. It sucks to have to do that, but you will be MUCH happier in the long run.

With the prices on HDTV's coming down drastically lately, it won't be that big of a hit financially. I was ticked when I saw that the 37" 1080p LCD I paid $1,199.99 for just a year ago is now going for $879.99.

Although one thing I can definitely say is that a 720p picture is WAY better looking than a 1080i picture, and 1080p is just flat out gorgeous.

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fiercescuba3891d ago

I have to agree here. I love my 360 and play it all the time, but every time it makes a weird noise, im waiting for the rrod. i have gone through 2 and do not want to make it a 3rd.

Silver Bull3t3891d ago current box lasts until Jasper comes out and the 3yr warranty is expired I MIGHT buy a Jasper rev. MIGHT!!!

If Jaspers continue to rrod I'm thru with buying anything xbox ever again.

By the time they get this crap ironed-out we'll be ready for the next round of consoles anyway, and I'll be buying a PS4. Thanks M$ :)