Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter IV? My Verdict!

Two Amazing fighting games. I analyse both games and give my opinion on which is better.

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Baka-akaB2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Easy SF4 every time all the way . Better dlc and good solo modes are just extra stuff ... the core gameplay and online just arent up to SF4 and a few other fighting games

Chris5582217d ago

Get over here broh mk9 is the king

Baka-akaB2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

No thx , dont care about the extra modes :p .

Gohadouken2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Street fighter all the way . MK9 had it's time , deserved its success (even if i immensely dislike the game ) , and was a much needed competitor and Wake up call , but there is a reason most fighting games fans moved on from it , while SF4 endures and thrives , both in amateur and pro gaming .

Venox20082216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

MK wins, flawless victory! :D btw MK had just awesome story mode and challenge tower, gameplay is good too and awesome fatalities

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NYC_Gamer2217d ago

SF is much better gameplay wise

Blastoise2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Mortal Kombat, so much more fun. And the characters are so much better

josephayal2217d ago

street fighter 4 is for high lever players, MK is very easy and very laggy

8bitHero2217d ago

sf4 had the better art direction but mk was better. a lot more meat on its bone. i dont like playing ANY 2d fighting game online since its always a spam fest(only play with my friends) and mk had a lot more singleplayer content so ye a:P

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The story is too old to be commented.