PlayStation Plus Update (12/24/2012)

PS Blog: While we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we thought we’d drop in and deliver some new content for PlayStation Plus members. Don’t forget that you still have time to make Plus a great stocking stuffer for the PlayStation gamers in your life. You can buy online, get the voucher code, and then give that voucher code to your friends and family.

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LOGICWINS2219d ago

Looks like they're saving MK9 for January.

Nitrowolf22219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Eu PS+ has really been getting all the good stuff lately, usually it's the other way around XD. Not even sure if MK is coming to PS+ for US, we still got a bunch of other titles EU has over US.
Kind of disappointed that they went with Retro City Rampage as the free Holiday title for PS+ for PS3 and Vita, especially since they hyped up the free title last week. Looking forward to the next week then

LOGICWINS2219d ago

I can't imagine Sony not bringing MK9 to US PS Plus. US Plus members got Jet Set Radio/Bioshock 2 before EU members and EU members got MK9 and Vanquish before US members. Everyone will be on equal footing at some point.

iamnsuperman2219d ago

I know right. I waited purposely for the Far Cry 3 discount instead of buying the game at full price. The EU one has been pretty good with PSN+. The amount of big discounted and free games I have on my hard drive is ridiculous right now

Knushwood Butt2218d ago

Japan got Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - pretty happy with that.

Sandmano2219d ago

Looks like there giving more games that people already have.

LOGICWINS2219d ago

I HAD MK9, but I sold it months ago. It would be a welcome addition to my PS Plus collection.

Riderz13372219d ago

Sorry Sony can't read your mind and see what games you already have. Ever though of the possibility of people not having the game? I know...mind blown.

hobohunterz2218d ago

They sometimes even give games out twice they gave bioshock 2 in the summer and then gave it again just a month ago...

jperez962219d ago

On my vita it says unit 13 is $17.49 but I have PS+?

zgoldenlionz2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I just got off the phone with Sony and looks like they are not going to honor the listed price on the blog. It's pissing me off cause its a store just like any other and they should honor regardless if it's a misprint.

Really it can't be a misprint cause of the blanket statement that the holiday sale is atleast 30% full price and 50% for plus members. Considering list price is 26.99 the game should be 13.49 at most for plus members. The 30%-50% statement is made on two different blogposts and on the psn when you click on the holiday sale.

zgoldenlionz2219d ago

Hey wanted to say Unit 13 price has been adjusted to 12.94 for plus members. I'm sure this game will be free eventually but I really liked the demo so I'm getting it now.

Knushwood Butt2218d ago

I'm enjoying it. Seems to have been totally overlooked because it wasn't Call of Duty. Pretty ironic, seen as the gaming press to a dump on Call of Duty for Vita.

ABizzel12219d ago

I don't think the prices will update until Tuesday.

The first week sale is still up until midnight today.

jwk942219d ago

The price just updated.

ABizzel12219d ago

I know, and it kind of sucks. I couldn't get my PSN card until today, and missed the LBP Vita & Rayman sale.

KangarooSam2219d ago

Kinda upsetting that I paid full price for Journey just a couple weeks ago, but at least I'm supporting the devs.

Might have to pick up Mafia 2. Is it any good..?

Sandmano2219d ago

Fun game good story , fun missions and nice driving and shooting mechanics if it's cheap and your in the mood for an open world game , go for it.

Tru_Blu2219d ago

I liked it enough to buy the dlc for it. I don't buy much dlc either.

xursz2219d ago

me too, i bought journey about a month ago but i can't really complain. at least people who were on the fence can now take the plunge with no regrets as they should. it's a fantastic game.

TooTall192219d ago

I didn't finish Mafia 2, but I enjoyed what I played.

Skate-AK2219d ago

It's fun the play. I bought the Ultimate Edition from the PSN store. It's got some pretty bad screen tearing and no grass basically anywhere in the game. Fun game though. Got the Platinum for it.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2219d ago

You ppl act surprised. Sony has to support their biggest fanbase first. Thats EU now. US use to have that luxury but now we've turned to xbox. So now Sony is giving EU all the big collectors editions and plus updates. Out of the 70million ps3's sold, how many do you think are in Eu? Sony would be fools not to support them better. Shouldve done it sooner imo.

ABizzel12219d ago

I agree as well, and wanted to post that in the blog. EU is Sony's biggest support this gen, and is the only region they have a strong chance of "winning" for lack of a better word (in second place and less than 5 million behind the Wii which is barely selling now).

The US is dominated by Wii and XBox, both at 40+ million consoles sold, while PS3 sits at 25+ million.

Who would you support?

IMO your current fans are more important than trying to suck up some iffy stragglers. So I'd take care of my greatest supporters first, and that's Europe. Japan's not buying any consoles (12+ million for the best selling console this gen, while last gen was nearly 24 million, that's a 50% reduction).

So it makes sense.

iamnsuperman2219d ago

Which makes me feel bad the UK is apart of the EU store :P. I fully agree with you btw

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