Why the PS3 could receive a post-holidays price drop

Is the PS3 in store for a price drop and a non-bundled version of the Super-Slim model after the holidays? Gimme Gimme Games thinks so and goes into detail how this could happen.

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GribbleGrunger2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

It will. Sony clearly depended on the redesign and the bundles for Christmas sales and clearly it paid off, but beyond Christmas they will depend entirely on the price point and great exclusives.

@Godchild: Good point there fella. This is and will always be the dilemma when it comes to the price of the Vita. At first it was relative to the 3DS, but if Sony drop the price of the PS3, it will become relative to that. It all depends on that ten year lifecycle. Sony 'may' just dig its heals in and be prepared to accept lower sales for two or three years for the Vita in favour of keeping the PS3 relevant. With connectivity with the PS4, the Vita is assured at least a ten year lifecycle and I see no reason why (considering the tech) that Sony would need to compete with Ninetendo even if they do bring out another handheld in the near future.

Godchild10202213d ago

I know, I was expecting a price cut when they announced the super slim. But I guess the drop didn't come because they didn't want the Vita to cost more than it's home console counterpart.

I expect a price cut for the both the Vita and the PS3 after the holidays or sometime after. The price cut will happen at the same time for both of them.

GribbleGrunger2213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

It's actually funny how this article makes mention of the new model costing more than the older model and then go on to demonstrate why they think it will get a price drop by subtracting the content from the bundles... By their own logic, they've proven the super slim is actually cheaper but don't even realise it.

That's why I say 'price point' and not 'price drop'. It IS actually cheaper than the older model, but it's not obvious because they've used the bundles to generate sales.

Of course the upshot of this strategy is that when Sony do release a standalone it will be 'perceived' as a price drop, which will reignite interest around the web. Actually, it's a pretty smart move.

raymantalk12213d ago

you can buy a ps3 slim from sainsburys for £138.45p in the uk right now is that not cheap enough ?