Leipzig Officially Moving To Köln

Those German insiders were right on the money: the Leipzig Games Convention is moving, and in the process getting a new name: Games Con. From 2009 the show - renamed because it lets them use the popular "GC" acronym even though the Leipzig team refused to relinquish the name "Games Convention" - will be held in the western city of Köln, which will not only increase the number of public visitors but also make it easier for industry types to get to the show. Which is all well and good, but "Leipzig" had a warm ring to it that the cold, Teutonic "Köln Games Con" just can't match.

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Ghoul3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Bout damn time

Leipzig was to small and honestly the wrong place for europes biggest gamescon, and seeing that those morons block the Gamesconvention "brand" is just one more nail in the coffin for me.

i totally back that decision.

marcellizot3891d ago

I have to say though I am excited about going to Cologne, this is a real kick in the arse for Leipzig. Smaller eastern towns in Germany still need these sorts of boosts. The GDC used to draw a lot of water in Leipzig.