113 Games that have got snow in them

GamesRadar: "Snow is white and cold and it falls from the sky in the form of flakes. It is often associated with Christmas. Also, many games feature snow. To celebrate Christmas and snow and games, here is a Christmas gallery featuring 113 games with snow in them."

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ziggurcat2218d ago

must be a slow news day.

TopDudeMan2218d ago

Next one should be 150 games in which you press the x button to jump.

ZoyosJD2217d ago

Add "female characters" to that title and you've got a holiday hit.

Fasttrack762218d ago

Or 200 games that use RT to shoot

imXify2218d ago

Oh no homie ! Ain't gonna click next 116 times ! >:[

ZoyosJD2217d ago

Holy s***, who in their right mind would set it up that way. Thanks for saving me that first click.

ALLWRONG2217d ago

It's freaking cold outside and you have to show me snow. How about 113 games that take place on a beach in Florida?

Xof2217d ago

We've been in a drought here for... a couple years now. It sucks. No rain, no snow, and it's soooo cold and windy.