PS3: Year In Review And A Look Ahead At 2013

The PS3 has been doing well every year with regards to great software that have been released on the system, but no one can deny the fact that this year has been a little underwhelming for the console.

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modesign2218d ago

B- must be the highest of the 3, 2012 was a let down,

NukaCola2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

They have only given two reviews.
PS3 B-
3DS A-

Personally I think this has been a good year, not amazing, but not bad at all.

2013 is looking to end this generation with a stellar bang..well on Playstation 3 at least for exclusives like Sly 4, God of War, Beyond and Last of Us. There are tons of great multiplats too for Xbox and PS3 as well.

Shubhankar2218d ago

They gave the 360 a B- too.

NukaCola2218d ago

oh ok, posted after I checked.

Yeah, I mean this year was a B year. That is good enough for me. I think the biggest winner this year for me was the Vita. Assassin's Creed Liberation, LBP and Need for Speed Most Wanted have consumed most of my time.

Daoshai2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Actually 360 got a B+

SonyStyled2218d ago

theres a reason why you have one bubble

Spenok2217d ago

Lmao, made my morning :D

SonyStyled2218d ago

not as great as the years before, but you still had a gread line up like starhawk and journey

OmniSlashPT2218d ago

Well, seeing how a downloadable title like Journey is stealing every GOTY awards/nominations to the super huge best exclusive of the universe aka Halo 4, it seems that even without trying too hard, Sony accomplishes everytime.

I wonder what they will give to the Vita. It had a really good year, it might not sell as much as the 3DS, but it has some kickass library already (and seeing Soundshapes and Gravity Rush winning all the handheld awards, I wonder if anyone dares to say the 3DS had better games this year lol).