Lessons & Memories From Playing The Original PlayStation

UnrealityMag writes: Growing up, we’ve all had our first consoles that introduced us to the world of gaming. I’ve heard a lot of people reminisce over the NES and similar games during that time. Sadly, I wasn’t even conceived when those consoles were at its prime. My friends and I grew up in a different generation wherein Sony released their first PlayStation. People online have often criticized us for not being “real” gamers, simply because we haven’t played consoles from the older generation and we couldn’t understand some pop culture references. I always replied: “Yeah, it’s our fault we didn’t choose our birth date.” While that irks us, I realized that my friends and I have also bashed people who claim to be gamers simply because they chose to play Bejeweled on their Smartphones or Farmville on Facebook.

The truth is: we are all entitled to be gamers in our own right regardless if we grew up with the NES, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Xbox 360, or even the iPad. We all have our own memories and culture attached to these consoles. Heck, in the future, people will be reminiscing about Farmville and Cut The Rope. So before that happens, let me share with you some of my treasured memories and lessons growing up with the original PlayStation (or as what my friends and I call it: The PS1.)

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NukaCola2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

It's where I first fell in love with Oddworld.

When I think of PS1, I also severely miss the 4 cooky cartoon kings of the station.


Some other games from PSOne that I really enjoyed were Spider, N2O, and Bugs Bunny Lost in Time which is one of the best games I have ever played.