Canadian Online Gamer’s Game of the Year and Biggest Disappointments Awards

Canadian Online Gamers "The Canadian Online Gamers crew have come together in collaboration to share with you our best and worst gaming experiences of 2012. Learn which games received top honors this year from each of our writers, and which games just didn’t make the cut."

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dafegamer2214d ago

wow assassins creed 3 as biggest disappointed was mentioned very often

CLOUD19832213d ago (Edited 2213d ago )

3 editors vote for Wii U as "Biggest Disappointments" & 2 for Diablo 3, coincidence? I don't think so, D3 is my "Biggest Disappointments" of the last decade not just 2012, & as for Wii U I was sure that a new console with dated hardware will not succeed to amaze ppl, it seems that Nintendo's idea for a "next generation" console is:






CanadianBoarder2213d ago

Hey folks, I'm one of the writers for COG and just wanted to say a thank you for checking the article out. We've got a lot of really talented (and opinionated) writers that provide great insight into their gaming experiences. Bookmark us, we're only gonna get better from here on out. Lots of big plans!