The 10 Chillest Bro Videogames of the Year

Dorkly: Sup, internet-bros? 2012 is almost over and everyone's doing their dumbass end of the year lists. But only one list matters: YA BOY, BRODY'S! (that's me) I played all the best bro games this year, and I ranked them from BROest to lowest. And assuming the bro-pocalypse doesn't bro up the planet and send us all to bro-blivion this Friday, remember that these were the chillest games of the year.

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KrisButtar2216d ago

his choices for 1 and 2 kinda threw me, and i would disagree with some of the games on the list.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter come'on really far cry 3 is soo much better.

Madden 13, no thanks im Canadian it would've been NHL 13 for the sports

spicelicka2216d ago

lol i still don't understand why these "___'s best games of the year" lists are even made. It's some guy's totally biased and irrelevant opinion, why the hell would anyone even wanna care? we have our own damn opinions so why should we click on someone's opinion and argue it out for no reason.

Same goes for a lot of reviews, the only time it's worth checking out is if the list is somehow unanimously made through votes, or a lot of opinions combined, or there's some merit to the explanation of why certain games are chosen over others and why it's important to consider.

I could make a list right here and it wouldn't be any different from this article.