$355 Will Get You Your Very Own Giant Mortal Kombat Femme Fatale

Next year, Pop Culture Shock will be releasing this Mortal Kombat statue based on Kitana.

Priced at $355, and due in Q2, it's an enormous 20" tall. There's also a limited edition version available for an extra $10, but seeing her face... it's weird. Nothankyou.

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OneAboveAll2214d ago

Or you could get a real woman for free...

Whitefeather2214d ago

Realistically speaking this stature is cheaper than keeping a real woman. Not even mentioning if she were to get pregnant lol I don't think that statue can do that.

roadkillers2213d ago

I don't know if I'd wanna try... have you seen those fans at work?

guitarded772213d ago

I don't know where you got that idea from... women are expensive, and that's just if you're dating. Once you get married, you just hand over your paycheck and hope you get to buy some cool stuff every once in awhile. Oh, the crazy things we do for love.

SilentNegotiator2213d ago


You ain't neva had a woman!

Norrison2213d ago

A real woman would cost you more than $355, specially if she's just looking for money.

Bolts2213d ago

A real women could cost you your pride, your dignity and maybe even your soul too.

Lord_Sloth2213d ago

Not to mention ridiculous amounts of cash for jewelry and gifts.

NiteX2213d ago

I was wondering what happen to my soul and pride!

ATi_Elite2213d ago

"355$ could get you at least 2 100$ hookers dressed in kitana costumes and still have enough for fast food"

I laughed so hard after reading this on the Kotaku thread on this article!

Nice post sir!

mister_zolos2213d ago

i'm a married man and i can say without any doubt that a woman will cost you a lot more than 355 ...i know what i'm talking about trust me your life means 0 to them...

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prototypeknuckles2214d ago

I like kitana and all but i could care less for her so ill pass now had it been my fav Jade or Mileena then i may consider it.

GreenRanger2214d ago

Your very own giant Mortal Kombat femme fatale...
The look on your mothers' face when you come in the front door with it...
There are some things money can't buy, dignity is one of them.

mt2213d ago

so you still live with your mother ?

Dark112214d ago

Looks really great , but $355 is too much.
just get a Vita or Wii U if you want to spend that much.

josephayal2213d ago

dam looks like The gold prices today are so high, anyway nice statue

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The story is too old to be commented.