GameSpot Did Not Change Lost Odyssey Review Score

But they did change the review: "Editor's note 02/19/08: After posting this review GameSpot found that load times in the review version of Lost Odyssey were significantly longer than those in the retail game. We have amended the review accordingly and regret the original error."

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Silellak3944d ago

Eh, this sort of change didn't really seem worth a modification of the review score in the first place, so no surprise there.

jackdoe3943d ago

I don't believe they took off points for the loading times in the first place.

PS360WII3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Amazing game none-the-less. Must buy for anyone who likes jRPGs... well and owns a 360 ;)

BeaArthur3944d ago

I was irritated when I played this game after reading the reviews. A lot of reviews took off points because they said the game had poor framerates and long load times but neither is the case. It's nice to see someone actually care enough to revisit their review when they were wrong. At the same time though why would Mist Walker give reviewers a copy of the game that is not going to be the same as the retail version?

kewlkat0073944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

this game got some of the scores it got because they deemed it Old-School RPG, as opposed to what is considered innovative RPG, by Square standards Action-Based RPG, which is rather dumb.

Turn-base does not make it old, I have not even finished FFXII because it got so boring and you can Avoid fighting monsters by running right by them so it's not much of a challenge, now get this game and you'll get a challenge.

PS360WII3944d ago

kewlkat007 you are so right

RecSpec3944d ago

Does anyone take GameSpot seriously anymore? Lost Odyssey is a great RPG, one score does not make it any worse.

Superiorrior3944d ago

76 Metacritic score is alright, but it seems GameSpot wasn't doing this because they smelt money, seems like a pretty legitimate reason they found to be a harsh critic, and just changed the review due to load times, most people report this game as being okay, and I'd have to agree, I love RPG's, but this feels way too general, but it is a nice edition to where the Xbox is already so hungry for the lack of RPG's.

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