The Sun Newspaper Shoots Itself In The Foot, Can't Blame Games For It?

It was no surprise to see The Sun Newspaper jump on the violent video-games bandwagon this last week in relation to the awful events at Sandy Hook.

“KILLER’S CALL OF DUTY OBSESSION” read The Sun’s frontpage headline. It didn’t matter that some of the rag’s quoted sources dismissed the game as a trigger; we all knew what The Sun was trying to do: sell their ailing paper with sensationalism rather than sound reporting and facts.

The piece is littered with passive-aggressive statements towards games, labelling them ‘Bloodthirsty’ and such but a few days later The Sun has chosen the evil and corrupting Call of Duty: Black Ops II as one of its 2012 Games of the Year.

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chukamachine2214d ago

The sun is a pos newspaper.

BrunoM2214d ago

Wow really here we go again ..

Don't people see games are as movies music and so on .. They don't make a person go out and do something as ugly as killing young kids ..

That kind of dark shit is with in the person not in a "video game" I play call of duty and dosent make me wanna go out and shot people .. I play Mario and I don't wanna go out punch bricks and jump on people I play kill zone and that dosent make me wanna go out and kill aliens .. Hummm wait a second that last one yaaa lol

Well point is games have to be look as as movies music and even books they don't make any one go do anything it has to be in the person and if it is in them playing or not playing a game in the end won't make a difference

FreshRevenge2214d ago

Why would you want to kill an alien? Whatever did it do to you to receive such violence?

hazelamy2214d ago

firstly, i think using the word news when you're talking about the sun is almost false advertising.
well, the same applies for almost any murdoch "news" outlet. ^_^

secondly, millions of people play these games, just because one person who had issues, who may have played these games, goes on a rampage, doesn't mean the game had any part in causing it, and even if in this case it did, that doesn't mean it will do the same for anybody else.

nobody knows what set this guy off, he might not have known.
we certainly won't now he's dead.

i had a look on the fox news site after the shooting to gauge their view.

they had a piece about proposed gun control, they didn't offer any pro or anti opinions, but just below they had a piece about an american soldier who was on holiday in mexico and got arrested for what the mexican authorities were claiming was an illegal gun, their report said the gun was most likely legal.

maybe i'm reading too much into that, but i get the feeling this was a none too subtle bit of pro gun news to offer their counterpoint to the proposed gun control discussion.

like they didn't want to openly say they're against gun control, but wanted people to know they were.

but like i said, maybe i'm reading too much into it.

Relientk772214d ago

Never heard of this newspaper. Also, how can The Sun even have a newspaper, no one lives on the sun.

CoTton_MoUtH2214d ago

I play COD everyday doesn't make me wanna go out and kill kids but it does give me great hand,eye coordination to shoot you.

Detoxx2214d ago

I feel sorry for you, COD sucks

GalacticMuffin2213d ago

You can't acquire the same level of enjoyment from a game, so you pity someone who does? That's okay. I feel sorry for you, you've forgotten what playing games is about: FUN.

Brian1rr2214d ago

You need to try other games bro

TheModernKamikaze2214d ago

If I play Angry Birds,does it make me want to throw birds at people in real life? No, but I would to the media.

hazelamy2214d ago

i could just see somebody in the freezer isle of their local supermarket throwing frozen turkeys around, shouting how "angry birds made me do it" ^_^

Godmars2902214d ago

Wouldn't it make you want to throw birds at pigs not people? And then throw them through walls and such.

TheModernKamikaze2214d ago

well, you could say some people are pigs.

imXify2214d ago

Yaaay more ads for CoD :D

TopDudeMan2214d ago

Yes, I agree. Don't buy the Sun. Ever.
You can read it. But only if you haven't bought it.

Dark_Overlord2214d ago

The only page worth reading in the sun is number 3 ;)

hazelamy2214d ago

unless they're giving away something free, i think it might have been the sun, or the mirror, that gave away both series of Life On Mars, the british original, on dvd.

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