4 Cool things to have at your gamer wedding

I am pretty much the lamest person ever and have spent the morning overcome with silly super-mushy feels inspired by the sight of two robots wed in holy matrimony. Here are some cool things to have at your gamer wedding.

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HanCilliers2219d ago

Upon seeing this, I asked my hubby to remarry me on Facebook, tyvm!

DesVader2219d ago

WOW!! So...what did he say? :)

ProjectVulcan2218d ago

He didn't even 'like' the comment

DesVader2219d ago

That Minecraft wedding was just insane! Hmm, now a toss up between a Gamer Wedding or a Star Wars wedding :).

Well, not like I stand a chance getting my fiancee to agree to either...hehehe.

Choc_Salties2219d ago

Games pulled mine apart - nice sentiments, but i'll stay unhitched indefinately, thankyou

tachy0n2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

its a better idea to keep games at a minimum(or quit) when on a relationship since it can bring problems.

PandaMcBearface2218d ago

That's why you test out possible outcomes in The Sims, I thought that's what we said Chocs?

SolidGear32218d ago

My girl is a gamer and we want to marry by the end of next year. Gives me some wonderful ideas ^_^

PandaMcBearface2218d ago

How lovely! Best of luck and all the good things to both of you :)