GoW: Ascension Beta Impression - Insanely Fun, Brutal, Addictive, But Unbalanced - MP1st

MP1st - When Santa Monica announced that the God of War series would be receiving Multiplayer, I had my doubts. The game, up to this point, has been known for its amazing single player story. To add an MP element to a game dedicated to single player seemed like the wrong move and angered many fans. With the Beta finally underway, my doubts have now been replaced with anticipation.

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b_one2219d ago

balance will change, same with better match making system

Reverent2219d ago

Agreed. I'm sure SSM will continue to support the game to make sure everything is balanced even long after the game is out. They've always been a very player dedicated developer.

Crazyglues2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Yes the beta is trying to clean a lot of things up..

It's already had a major patch, and it's much better then it was before, so I'm really impressed with the team on this one...

They seem to be addressing a lot of things.. So I feel that by the time this comes out they will have a really well balanced system in-place..

So far it's a really impressive job.. There are still things playing against you like connection messing up but it's hard to notice as sometimes you do a move and it doesn't register..

-But it's much better now.. and I think it will get even better, I have really enjoyed the beta, it took awhile to get good, but now I'm hooked - I'm a level 27 and I kick butt every time I get on now..(but I was getting owned in the beginning) the 4 vs 4's are Awesome...


Nitrowolf22219d ago

the balancing is really my only issue, but as said this is only a Beta and I did say that it would probably get fixed later one. Otherwise, wooooooo can't believe I had such doubts about the MP, can't blame me, but still this is hella fun.

imt5582219d ago

I guess that in full game will be ranked matches. Beta is just test to show control, upgrades, fighting and other stuff. Yes, beta is unbalanced. But who cares, it's fun to hell.:)

Blank2219d ago

Well of course there are overpowered things going on i mean it is the BETA all those stats get resetted anyways and I am kind of sad that I didnt get my beta key is was on the spartan side of the event I never got my key oh I can wait for the ps plus beta invite im just so damn curious about this since im literally on a good hiatus from gameplay vids I only read about the multiplayer enough jabbering I want to play this damn beta already!!!

Crazyglues2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

Your kidding right???

-the beta has been available for anyone who wants it, all you had to do was sign up- They were giving keys out every day... I wrote a whole post about it -

how do y'all miss these things... Get in the Beta right now!... Go


BullyMangler2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

BALANCE- same thing they said about smash brothers brawL . that it was un-balanced . but nope . . brawl offers more than enough to be off balance . when you can either dodge, block, roll or parry, plus character stuff, smash is not un-balanced, you just gotta "choose your moves wisely" -FACTOID-


Reverent2219d ago

Dunno why you bring up SSB; Nothing to do with GoW.

Ashunderfire862219d ago

He is just applying that Smash Bros Brawl a game in the similar category, had to deal with the same criticism, but ended up great in the end. God of War will do the same with great results. Heck even better than Smash Bros with online and all.

Nitrowolf22219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

eh no
SSB and GOW are completely different when ti comes to balance
in SSB you don't have to choice to select your armor, weapons, ect and each item doesn't have different values.

cleary you haven't played the beta to understand the huge differences. This isn't a vs again vs with stock characters, this is a fighter with a shooter lodout, where everyone is diferent

It's hard to choose your moves wisely, if your opponents (s) can kill you in a few hits due to level differences. It;s like Final Fantasy, you can't expect to win at level 1 facing a level 20

MizTv2219d ago

I will get the new gow but I'm not getting it for mp
It doesn't mean I won't try it but its icing on the cake for me

Sandmano2219d ago


Ezz20132219d ago

really ? really ? really ?...really ?
kratos would shove the mic in miz mouth all the way up to his A$$

Sandmano2219d ago

Prime example of taking the joke too far, good job...

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