Tailed Beast Chakra Mode Level 2 Naruto in Storm 3?

Rumor has it a new type of Naruto will be in the game.

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tayz3311d ago

if this is true it goes beyond the epic bloody nose of a life time!!! *shoots rainbows from mouth*

crxss3311d ago

definitely a confirmation that KCM2 is in the game. i really hope it's not a separate character but an awakening. would be way too overpowered if it was its own character.

Snookies123311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

I just call it Kurama Mode lol. Since that's when we learned his name...

Regardless, it's freaking badass on a whole new level.

Rai3311d ago

It'll probably be a separate character with the awakening mode being Kurama himself. I just hope the game doesn't give us a bunch of clones again like generations.

WeskerChildReborned3311d ago

I heard KCM naruto is a seperate character and Bijuu mode is awakening, idk if Bijuu mode would be it's own character though it has some moves that could implemeted in a Ougi.

WeskerChildReborned3311d ago

I'm glad to hear that he is most likely confirmed, now we need Edo Nagato, Edo Itachi, Sage mode Kabuto, and Madara.

GateOfDeath3311d ago

I don't think KCM naruto will be a separate character because they showed a demo in Paris where he transformed into it from regular Naruto, unless they decide to change it. But here's the link.