Sony In 2013 - Bonus Round

Geoff Keighley from talks to Glen Schofield, Shane Satterfield and Garnett Lee about God of War Ascension, The Lust of Us, Beyond two Souls, Future of playstation and more

Can Sony rely on their first party games for 2013, or will they need more to capture the hardcore? Plus, what about the Vita? Find out!

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showtimefolks2218d ago

Shane Sony hasn't been able to cut into ms lead oh wait both are at 70million so the lead has not only been cut but ps3 has actually outsold the xbox360 since launch and that was with a higher price point.

Some of these media sites should really do their research,

ABizzel12218d ago

That's because Gametrailers only care about US.

GribbleGrunger2218d ago

Yes, for some reason sites like Gametrailers make comments like that without mentioning they're only talking about America.

black9112217d ago

Like I ask everyone what would 360 sales be without RROD. Dang sure nowhere near 70million.

Catoplepas2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Whether or not Sony can rely on only their first party titles is a moot point entirely.

Apart from the obligatory multiplatform titles, there are more than a few 3rd party exclusives being released for the console.

The question is more applicable to Microsoft, if it really must be asked.

zebrahim2218d ago

Dumb lazy gamers killing the business. Its a shame a top tier outfit like sony has to struggle bacause gamers demand certain things. They gave us Vita which is awesome tech...everybody goes out and buys ipads for double the price. They gave us exclusives and blue ray with the sublime ps plus...and we dabble with the xbox. I've been playing games since 1982...and I see an industry being hijacked by dumb gamers. Sony should focus on the hardcore only with a profitable pricepoint for the gamers who want and can afford quality.

Blank2218d ago

Wow! I want shake your hand! You just said sonys odd dilemma in a nutshell hearing this actually gives me hope that people can notice sony spoiling the gamers! Im not going to say what microsoft is doing but anyone whom takes this hobby serious will catch which company is actually attempting to have our attention sure nintendos epic 1st party games satisfy me but sony has also been doing the most for us gamers and the best example is ps+ I always dreamt of such a service but throw in cross play and cross buy CMON! You dont need ps+ for those two major things!! But the ps+ finalizes this superb psn experience im not gonna discredit xbl awesome community (thank you in box mics!) but i hate the cons people are catching I can say pay for both services with pride but sony seriously is tapping my shoulder for attention the most and guess what?! Im responding with appreciation! So I need to thank MS for great competition lets us all enjoy the benefits!!

JAMurida2218d ago

Pretty much this

I think Sony knows it's place in the industry though. The fact that they STILL continue to pump out the new hardcore IPs is a perfect example. I hope they continue doing it and get some Japanese devs back in the game. They have so many IPs they can bring back for next gen that they have yet to do with this gen.

I will say though, I still feel letting Zipper Interactive go was a HUGE mistake on their part. Zipper knew how to make an addictive shooter. They've been doing it since SOCOM 1. And I feel given the development time, it would of been perfect to have a MAG 2 for PS4 launch title. It's a shame but I know I'm the minority when it comes to this.

But like I said though, I really hope the Japanese devs will find a way to get back into the game with Sony's help and makes next gen games and not cheaper to make JRPGs on like Wii and handhelds, (White Knight Chronicles III, Folklore 2 or Resonance of Fate 2 would be sexy as hell on PS4).

Spacemagic2218d ago

Mountain Dew and Doritos. There.

AznGaara2218d ago

Sony is the reason I'm looking forward to the next gen. With this gen they've given us so many new IPs. Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Journey, Starhawk, Gracity Rush, Unfinished Swan, PS All Stars and next year we're getting The Last of Us, Soul Sacrifice, The Pupeteer and Beyond: Two Souls. So I can't begin to imagine what they'll give us with new tech.

It's really hard to imagine me not gaming on the Ps4 because its with those exclusive games that I hold some of my fondest memories this generation and I own all 3 consoles and a badass PC. Sure they had a rough start but they stuck to it and gave gamers what we want... games, and a variety of them. So if 2013 was the beginning of the next gen then Sony is sending us off with a bang.

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