PS3's Premiere Party Coming on Nov. 8

The Playstation 3 Premiere Party will be held on Nov. 8 at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles. No real details have come out about it yet, beside the fact that Sony is holding a contest for Playstation Underground members to give away a trip for two to the party, a bit o spending cash and a Playstation 3.

I'm a little surprised their holding the party nine days before the launch date, but even more surprising is that it sounds like the gift Playstation 3s might not be available at the shindig.

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maybe they will finally reveal the next gen game console everyone has been waiting for and stop pushing their blur-ray player joke on everyone...

kmis875908d ago

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wow you are so funny.
Even after the twentieth time I've heard you make that exact same comment, "blur-ray player," I never stop laughing. I don't know how you manage to continuously make intelligent, witty posts that are so relevant to the articles, but keep it up. I'd hate to see you fall into the realm of idiotic fanboyism.


the joys of MPEG2 compression, presenting the power of Blur-ray!

kmis875908d ago

There it is again! Wow, you should be like a standup comedian or something; you're the funniest guy I've ever heard. Blur ray player, it just gets funnier every time you repeat that same old comment! Screw all those people that try to be original and present comments that have some sort of intelligent opinion to offer, your comments are far superior.


i'm really glad you have enough brain cells to appriciate my superior humor! you deserve a cookie!

AuburnTiger5907d ago (Edited 5907d ago )

Speaking of brain cells you might be running low yourself, it's spelled "Appreciate".

Anyway it's funny how you "appreciate" the 360 so much, considering that a few months ago you were saying all sorts’ bad things about Microsoft making a horrific console. You remember right?

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UrbanJabroni5909d ago (Edited 5909d ago )

The sweepstake winner has to wait UP TO 20 WEEKS to get their PS3. I really think Sony needs to slash it's ENTIRE PR team.

MS gave away an xbox 360 every five minutes for months leading to the launch. And the lucky jerks that won got their consoles a few days BEFORE the rest of the world.

Sony is giving away A FEW that, again, you'll get sent in 20 WEEKS OR SO! You'd think that if they plan to sell 2 MILLION by year's end and SIX MILLION my May 2007, they could give ONE console to the winner AROUND launch.

Why even bother holding the "contest?"

I'm sorry for all the "caps" words, but this is absolutely absurd. At this point the poor winner might as well get a free Sony rootkit and a pre-installed Sony exploding laptop batter in his PS3.

Captain Tuttle5908d ago

your use of caps is entirely appropriate in this case. What in the world is happening to Sony? This is starting to get surreal.

THAMMER15908d ago

The 1 every ten min. contest was awsome. I only had 229 bottle caps and won before I knew it. They gave out 10,000 360 premium units with maden, kameo, or Need for speed. I recivd it on nov. 19th. And when I went to game crazy to get my copy of call of duty 2 they did not belive me. They were like you cant have a 360 now. So I brought it in the store. And they sold me COD2 but told me I had to wait till the 22nd for perfectdark 0. If SOny gave away 10000 PS3 thye would take too big of a loss.

bohemian 235909d ago

Maybe you'll to to see more CGI from Killzone!

TheXgamerLive5908d ago

I don't think the ps3 will release this year at all, I think and due to a lack of info, that ps3 will see a U.S. launch as well in 2007.

Arkham5908d ago

Funniest post I've read all week. Keep smokin'!

THAMMER15908d ago

they would rather launch with 500,000 and delay 5 months to launch in Europe. What is really with that.

AuburnTiger5907d ago

I really don't think Sony has a choice bringing 500,000 to the table, especially when they start production so late. That is "What is really with that".

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