Black Ops 2 Prestige Accounts Being Sold Online

GR - "Some people are so hard up becoming Prestige Masters and being feared, they even buy Black Ops 2 accounts!"

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retrofly2221d ago

How much they go for?

Played around 3d's and at prestige 5 with a 2.4 KD, might be a nice earner :)

Cam9772221d ago

Hhhmm, interesting. It will be hard to sell because I've tried unsuccessfully to sell my PSN account loaded with Ps1 games for weeks; I reduced the price to something relatively cheap and even that did nothing. Anyone know a good website for selling PSN accounts? EBay didn't work.

Dark_Overlord2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Its not the accounts and content people are usually after, its the unique usernames.

Something like say Tokin420 is more highly sought after than random 123456789

Try to stick with legit sites like Ebay, there's some pretty shady sites out there.

P.S it is against the TOS though, but your choice :)

AmkOwns2221d ago

U mean xX_QUiCK-_-sCoPEr_Xx ?

Dark_Overlord2221d ago

Yes, something like that :)

Rockefellow2221d ago

I might have been interested before Sony limited accounts to 2 uses, and regulated the Vita to hell.

Christopher2221d ago

You can deregister devices. So, it's not just 2 and that's it. It's 2 simultaneous devices and that's it. 1 PS3 and 1 PSVita or 2 PS3s.

Rockefellow2221d ago

Actually cgoodno, you can have 2 PS3 accounts and a Vita (as I do right now), but my point was that it's not even worth the effort any longer, regardless of deactivation.

Christopher2220d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Somehow it goes from being completely useful and worth the time when it was 2 more active devices.

csreynolds2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Anyone prepared to spend money on a CoD account needs their head seeing to; being X prestige won't make you a better player - nor will a name like xX-Quik_Scopz_4eva-Xx(or something equally moronic) ... Just play the game

AzaziL2221d ago

This is beyond pathetic, anyone that desperate for epeen needs to find something new in life to enjoy.