Pocket Gamer: Ravensword: Shadowlands Review

Pocket Gamer: Ravensword: The Fallen King was a noble yet flawed game, notable for its charm and its adventurous spirit, but held back from achieving its full potential by a critical lack of intelligence and depth.

After an epic three-year gap, the series is back in the form of Ravenswood: Shadowlands. The follow-up is an altogether more seasoned, capable traveller, but it still has a few character flaws that cost it a little come the final reckoning.

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KangarooSam2215d ago

I enjoyed the first game as well as Aralon: Sword and Shadow. I sold my iPod Touch but it would be kind of cool to see how Crescent Moon Games has progressed recently.

Maybe they could work on a Vita game sometime, see what they can do with some more powerful hardware and more ways to input than a touchscreen. :)