Guide: Getting Your Nintendo 3DS Online

Nintendo Life: For some gamers this year, a shiny new 3DS will be waiting for them as a Christmas treat. Nintendo's Wii U may be hogging plenty of attention, but the handheld deserves some limelight due to its ever-growing games catalogue and range of eShop offerings.

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Snookies122221d ago

The eShop isn't too impressive given how long its been out. I've found a few interesting things to download, but they really need to push some more offerings out there. (Where the heck are GBA games for that matter?)

Still, the 3DS is a pretty great device. It's very different from the Vita, and as such I think gamers who enjoy a handheld experience should really try to get a hold of both at some point in time.

DarkBlood2221d ago

well as it appears to remain exclusive to ambassidors *me being one of them before having a mini rage 6 months later lol* if it were to come i suspect it wont come till they release alot of the gameboy/colour games first

Qrphe2220d ago

The eShop is truly disappointing as far as content and organization. But to be fair, I can pretty much get any of those titles in more convenient devices through more convenient methods.