PlayStation Vita: Year One After a $50 million marketing strategy, more than 100-games available, and the most powerful CPU to grace a handheld: Are you still not sold on the Vita?

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hduce2222d ago

I love my Vita and I really want it to succeed but it really needs a serious price cut. If Sony can get the installed base up, developers will start to support it. I think the 3ds is getting more game support because of more systems sold and it costs less to make games for it.

imXify2221d ago

Except for Mario and Zelda games...I don't think the 3DS is getting more game support. I think it will be really similar to the Wii game support...

ronin4life2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Where have you been? It has a crap ton of support that is growing rapidly.

I would rather not list-out here, so please look it up. Siliconera is a really good place to start...

tubers2221d ago

As long as there's Mario and Pokemon, they'll have iterations on Ninty's handhelds.. and those have much wider audience appeal.

There are plenty of dev support for the 3DS.

Zodiac2221d ago

Yeah, i have been overwhelmed with all the Zelda games released on the 3DS. I mean, one Zelda game that was ported by an outside company? They need to give it a rest. It's getting ridiculous.

imXify2221d ago


Forgot to say that I think Nintendo will actually drop the support of the 3DS to focus on the WiiU.

Hell, I don't even know why people think the 3DS is successful and I think I really made a good choice to wait a year to pick up the Vita. I'll would be bored to hell to play the same Zelda/Mario/Star Fox game over and over again. I was a Nintendo fan all my life but then I was thinking that enough was enough.

When I got the Vita, I forced myself to play IPs I've never played before like Wipeout, Unit 13, Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed, Gravity Rush and Uncharted and I think I don't regret making this decision. When you buy, you vote. I vote Sony.

Thanks Sony.

ronin4life2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

You are delusional. I know that's a mean thing to say, but nothing else explains your attitude... because you not only know nothing of the truth but make no attempts to see it either.

I said I wasn't listing... but I feel compelled to do so now.

Western realeses by end of March 2013 for 3ds:
Pokemon mystery dungeon
Etrian Odessy
Monster hunter U
Naruto sd
Fire emblem
Quite a few download titles
With Luigis mansion and soul hackers(a persona spinoff remake, I believe) being near the end to just after that time frame. Not to mention Animal crossing, which sold more copies in Japan in a month than the Vita has Life to Date in the region... and would have sold more if not for stock shortages.

(To put that into perspective, the worlds biggest handheld gaming region has more people playing 1 game for a single platform than it does any number of games on a whole other platform.)

And after those, a whole range of Japanese titles can be localized for release like Bravely default, project x zone and Fantasy life to name a few... and development in japan is incredibly numerous, which is where a vast majority of handheld games come from.

Into march Japan is getting DQ7 (remade in full 3d with no random encounters) a new super robot wars and a SquareEnix Car-robot rpg... the former 2 titles being announced only weeks ago... and there could be more incoming(and certainly is after that point, like a tiny indy game called Monster Hunter 4 and a new entry in a persona spinoff series)

rainslacker2220d ago

I'm a pretty big Sony fan, and don't even own a 3DS, and just recently got back into a Nintendo console after 15 years with the Wii U, but even I can see that the 3DS has a lot of support from 3rd party companies. The install base is large enough that that will continue until a few years after their next iteration of DS release.

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imXify2222d ago

They NEED a killer game to start off. GTAV + some ads would be a deal breaker seriously.

GreenRanger2221d ago

Hardware wise, the Vita is the best handheld ever, but that's not enough.
It needs more games and the memory cards will need to come down in price, especially the 32GB card.

Protagonist2221d ago

Year one has been great for my PSVITA and it is shaping up to be another great year.

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