GDC: PS3 is "the best platform" for small devs

Scott Steinberg, Sony Computer Entertainment America's VP of product marketing, has told that he believes the PlayStation 3 is the smart choice for any small developer wanting to get their games to an online audience.

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Silver3603894d ago

I just would like to see a one or two man team develop a game for the PS3 without Sony coming in with massive support like everyday shooter. The PS3 is just to complicated for one person to make games on by themselves. I guess when he says small developer he means studios of 20 or more people.

3894d ago
pwnsause3894d ago

ever seen everyday shooter on the PSN, thats what they want. and look how that game turned out very popular, go figure.

INehalemEXI3894d ago

They just released the free PhyreEngine which makes ps3 development a whole lot easier from what I heard.

vegnadragon3894d ago

Everyday Shooter was made by one person, and he said that we didn't have much experience with OpenGL(3D Rending API). I don't see why anyone else could not.

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Silellak3894d ago

I always get a kick out of articles like "Sony employee says PS3 rules", but besides that, this article is fully of crappy misconceptions by Steinberg.

'Steinberg pointed to the section of the talk from Chris Satchell on the XNA platform, and explained: "it was interesting in the sense that what they were talking about we've sort of been doing for the last couple of years with PSN and giving smaller, start-up, entrepreneurial developers the chance to get in and make their games available on the PSN."'

This is bull. The new XNA stuff is signicantly different than anything on PSN. Or have amateur developers been able to download a Sony toolset with lots of examples and documentation and publish their game to PSN for peer review for only $99 a year?

Say what you will about Sony/Microsoft and PS3/360, but Microsoft and the 360 are significantly more welcoming to smaller, independent developers. To prove me wrong, please point me to a Sony developer site along the lines of

'"We don't charge for our online service," he said. "We make it available for everybody. So, the accessibility of somebody's content who decides to make a game that is maybe smaller, more affordable for consumers to buy – I think we're a better choice because the PS3 owner has the ability to go online day one without having to cut a check.'

Once again - misleading. XBLA games are downloadable to anyone who has a Silver membership. You only have to pay if you want to play online, but based on this statement, you wouldn't think that.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3894d ago

That's an online service only and you don't have to pay is also a factor. XBOX 360 doesn't have an online community the PlayStation 3 where advertising a game is much easier. So if someone is wearing a T-Shirt (Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer) that would be advertising the game.

adalwolfe3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

wow this article is news! a sony rep saying a sony system is the best at everything!!

/sarcasm off

Like they would say anything else. I am not flaming the ps3, all sales reps are the same. But is it really necessary to post it, i mean.. is it really news? If you find a 3rd party saying how great an superior the ps3 is, then post that.. thats news. But a rep? give me a break.

Daishi3894d ago

I understand what he's saying but wouldn't the 360 still be a better choice considering you have people already used to buying buttloads of crap (gamer pics, themes, movies, xbla games, music videos) and a much larger user base with 10 million+ on Live. People like PSN because it's free and you don't need a credit card, I'm hesitant to see how people other people on PSN react to spending money other than the hardcore crowd that willingly give their surport because they know games cost money to make.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Every company will say their product is the best the question is are they lying? So with a post like this you have to ask yourself is he telling the truth? In my opinion I think Microsoft lies about most things, Nintendo is a hit and miss, and Sony straight out tells the truth. Almost to the point that people take their comments personally which is kind of funny.

toaboa3894d ago

Well put Silellak, putting the facts straight!

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Bladestar3894d ago

hehe yeah right... before you can attempt to make a game on the PS3 you first need to license the PS3 SDK.


"The package now costs $10,250 in the US, 950,000 yen in Japan, and 7,500 euros in Europe."

that's only for the ability to try to make a game... then you have to hire lots of talent... and let me guess.. if some companies with a lot more resources, people had and are having problem making games a small developer will?

I hope by small they are not talking about a starting studio...

ohh and yeah.. that's not counting the cost of other engines like Unreal Engine license fees....

with xbox 360 anyone can download the xbox for free, use it as a prototype to show their games.... while using tools that will be familiar when they buy the xbox 360 license SDK. Which is way way cheaper than the PS3 SDK...

ohh yeah and don't forget that buying the SDK does not mean your are a license developer that can publish games... you have to become a license developer... or your game goes no where...

Ri0tSquad3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

1 person.

Look, I didn't even have to type a wall to get my point across.


PS360WII3894d ago

Everyday Shooter. Yes one guy made one game amazing. Lets see compair that to the comunity around XNA or even the cheap factor of WiiWare. How is one game closly resembling what XNA already has done?

Adamalicious3894d ago

Does PhyreEngine require a dev kit?

Daishi3894d ago

Yes it still requires a dev kit to get it running on the PS3, the engine is basicly a conversion tool for getting a game you made on PC to work on the PS3. For example dirt was made using this engine on PC then ported to both 360 and PS3 and turned out extremely well on both.

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aggh im on fire3894d ago

Considering the Ps3 is a nightmare to develop for i find it very hard to belive bedroom coders will warm to it. This sounds like a comeback at xbox's XBLA/XNA.
XNX is much easy and cheaper to develop for and the games are there now, i have 8 on my drive as i write this.
PS3 is a great machine but for small teams of coders its pratically out of reach.

Packet3894d ago

"Considering the Ps3 is a nightmare to develop for"


Do everyone a favor and go away.

3894d ago
Packet3894d ago

candystop, reported.

Keep the fanboy garbage out of the good forum.

Lew_Ijgee3894d ago

"smaller, start-up, entrepreneurial developers" does not equal "Bedroom coders" nor does it mean "one or two man teams."

They mean for "smaller, start-up, entrepreneurial developers" attempting to really get a foothold into the industry.

Armyless3894d ago

Don't think for a second that he's not a marketable force in the development industry now.

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