Kickstarter has become the equivalent of a bum with a tin cup

unFun Games lead developer goes off on an industry where large companies are using to get money, while smaller indie developers are shunned.

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Zodiac2222d ago

That title is a perfect way of putting it.

Dlacy13g2221d ago

Totally agree with the sentiments and title. Kickstarter breaks the vote with your dollar consumer idea. Before if the game was good you bought it, now they want your money upfront with no guarantee of quality.

ronin4life2221d ago

I wanted to hit "agree" when I saw the headline thinking it was a comment... @[email protected]

-Gespenst-2221d ago

Kickstarter annoys me because now anybody thinks they can put out a game, and everybody who uses it think their game is worth us donating for when like 80% of the time it's not.

It just annoys me how many people just tout their projects on it. Kickstarter to me is just an ocean of mediocrity. That's the problem with all the "indie" stuff. At the same though time there are occasional gems.

Still though, Peter Molyneux using it is annoying too.

It should just be used by indie developers with GENUINELY ORIGINAL AND GOOD IDEAS.

koehler832221d ago

What qualifies as a good idea is not at your sole discretion to decide.

The problem with democracy will always be wading through the ideas generally accepted to be bad to find the ideas we can generally agree are good.

poo3429472947922221d ago

yup lol sooo true even peter moronex or wtf he is called from fable series is begging now too

zgoldenlionz2221d ago

Giving a buck to a bum gets you nothing in return but satisfaction of a good deed.

Kick starter on the other hand will get you a game that might never exist otherwise.

If you help fund a game on kickstarter you are making an investment and ALL investments have risks, that's something that should always be considered.

Dlacy13g2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Investment implies you will get revenue shares. Kickstarter is merely you pre-buying product that hasnt been made yet or is something offered by the maker of the product...not necessarily the product.

porkChop2221d ago

Exactly. Kickstarter is not an investment. It's basically preordering your games. Problem is, those games might not ever even get made, nor is their quality guaranteed. As long as the developer sends out all physical tier rewards that they promised, they can cancel the game and keep the money. That isn't right. Kickstarter is in dire need of a complete revamp.

zgoldenlionz2220d ago

Thanks for the Econ lesson and have a merry Christmas.

nofallouthero2221d ago

I dont understand the hate on kickstarter i mean these games wounldnt even have the chance to exist without. the majority of gamers dont want games like star citizen or godus but i do and if 30 dollars is what it takes then thats a great investment.