Torchlight 2 Review (

After Diablo 3 has been one of the best games of the year my doubts whether the small Torchlight Runic Games could accompany increased. Torcnhlight II would be able to compete with the budget and years of experience from Blizzard? The truth is that Torchlight II to renounce a robust infrastructure online, focusing exclusively on the action even more surprising than the first game, with a freedom and an amazing game that does not lose in any way for Diablo. The Runic is full of congratulations.
Torchlight II is exactly as expected. The camera remains centered on the hero as you click around the field to move, attack and shoot power blasts ranging from traditional to convene spectral wolves. Monsters die in explosions drops and experience. Fifteen or more hours later, with the last boss dead at his feet, about 50 levels, and a complete inventory of powerful magic arts, are ready to enter the Mapworks with its challenges generated randomly or start anew newest game.

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