Peter Moore: Activision-Blizzard can't compete with EA Sports

The rapid evolution of EA Sports in 2008 will put Activision-Blizzard's portfolio in the shade – and help ensure Electronic Arts reclaims its rightful spot at the top of the publisher charts.

That's according to industry legend Peter Moore, who this week unveiled his super-confident master plan for the label exclusively and global domination to MCV.

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AliC3893d ago

No EA just keep re-releasing the same game each year, add a whole fancy feature that isn't really needed and calls it a new game.

MK_Red3893d ago

BUT, people keep buying that game and don't care for quality and when a really upgraded and worthy game comes like Burnout Paradise, they don't buy it.

So it is the stupidity of consumers not EA's. They see people buy yearly upgrades of NFS and Madden and don't care about innovation of Burnout Paradise and Skate.

Superiorrior3893d ago

He's right though, Blizzivision can't compete making horribly bad and broken games, so there you go EA you win at something, your win is our loss.

darkshiz3893d ago

That Peter Moore he sure cracks me up.
He cracks me up when he was with the 360, GTA4 tattoo, this, and that picture.

Hope he stays in this industry he's funny.

gambare3893d ago

I think 10 million users in WoW and the whole Korea in starcraft proofs the contrary...

bliz just need to release diablo 3 and everyone will forgot about EA

Kaz Hirai3893d ago

Anyone else noticed?


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The story is too old to be commented.