Soul Sacrifice Demo Review | Gamer Syndrome Soul Sacrifice is one of the most interesting 2013 Playstation Vita upcoming games. The mind behind it, Keiji Inafune, is not a newcomer, having fathered a long running series like Megaman, among other games, and it shows: the game can’t be currently likened to anything currently available, grabbing idea from many different genres.

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GreenRanger2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

This game is awesome.
*******END SPOILER********

NukaCola2215d ago

Has Monster Hunter meets Castlevania feel with the soul collecting and different powers.

I wonder how many different abilities you can get and if they increase. I saw some of the magic which can get intense like the flaming demon.

Is this a single player with MP elements or set up as an MPO game with SP mode? and is it chapter or level based?

How's the MP?

The gameplay looks incredible and the videos I have seen have me sold.

H4all2215d ago

japan PSN have the demo...
The gameplay and graphic is awesomeness!!!

Protagonist2215d ago

I hope it gets a NA/EU release soon!

Gamesgbkiller2215d ago

Yes it will have :)
But I think its going to be a bit late :(

Knushwood Butt2215d ago

It's cool when you choose to save downed enemy souls, and fluffy bunny rabbits and other cute animals appear and go running off.

Can't wait to try the multiplayer. Must get the wife to download it.

MizTv2215d ago

Is this just for vita?

H4all2215d ago

yeahhh Only For vita...

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