GDC 2008: Home's Development Details

During a conference entitled, "Home Tools and Support: Creating Content for PlayStation Home" at GDC 2008, a couple of interesting details were released about the development of the upcoming social service for the PS3.

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Nykamari3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Told you fools the other day someone was copying! No the XNA is like LBP! Yeah Right! M$ got a peek at what Sony was doing with teir tools and so happen htey decide to updated XNA to counter this. Devs and maybe you can create game in HOME. You Xbot fans not The Xbox Gamers(its a difference) never stop smelling your own sh!t do you? And it smells bad don't it! Everything you need to know about HOME is out there just do alot more research before you speak. By the way this was leaked 2WEEKS ago.

Peace (Kaos)Nykamari

1 more thing, Why do you thing Sony gives out so little info on the developement of HOME? So their competition won't know what hit'em when it drop! I think you'll see HOME in the near FUTURE! PLAYB3YOND!