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Immersion Lays the truth on Kaz

Force feedback technology firm Immersion told Next-Gen today that rumble implementation in the PlayStation 3's controller could be done at minimal cost to the consumer.

Immersion CEO Vic Viegas responded to recent comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Kaz Hirai regarding the expensiveness of rumble implementation in the PS3 controller.

Viegas said in a phone interview, "[Hirai's] saying that [combining rumble and tilt in a controller] isn't a technical problem any longer, so I'm glad their engineers figured that out-even though we knew the day after [Sony's press release] how to do it."

In May this year, Sony said that the PS3 controller, recently named Sixaxis, would be rumble-free because "vibration itself interferes with information detected by the [tilt] sensor."

Viegas continued, "But now [Sony] seems to say that the solution for the two technologies to work side-by-side is too expensive. … [Immersion] knows of ways to combine these two technologies without incremental increase to the cost. We've helped at least one other party do this as well. It doesn't really make any sense to me to say that the solution is really more expensive. I just don't believe it is."

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zypher6265d ago

this whole Sony vs. Immersion situation is starting to remind me of the whole Bleem! debacle back in 1999/2000. then i sided with Sony's p.o.v more. not so now.

BIadestarX6264d ago (Edited 6264d ago )

Sony should try for once to stand behind their decisions and simply say the truth. Why not say, "we didn't think it was worth licensing from Immersion considering the fact that we would be helping our competitor(Microsoft) since they own a pie of that company." Instead of trying to make it seem like removing Rumble from the PS3 is the best thing they ever done. They keep shooting themselves in the foot; since companies like Immersion will have to say something (like it happen in this case); they do have to defend their credibility, specially when other companies like sony try to mislead people to think stuff that can hurt their company.

zypher6264d ago

true, Sony is being rather moronic about all this. but i don't think it was ever their intention to publically demean Immerson's credibility. in the interview where this was addressed, Kaz never said anything negative about Immersion. as a matter of fact, i don't think he even mentioned Immersion at all. it could be that they don't wanna have to pay royalties to Microsoft: to be honest i'm not even sure how that works. Sony owns something like 9% stock in Square-Enix ( ), but i doubt if any money comes their way from the 360/Gamecube/GBA/DS sales of Squenix games.

specialguest6264d ago

ok so Immersion won this huge lawsuit and got a boatload of money. Sony, still pissed, don't want their business for the time being, so Immersion should just call it even and go about their way.

DJ6264d ago

is nothing compared to what they could've gotten out of licensing fees, and I'm sure that was the whole goal of the lawsuit. They thought Sony would give in.

The loss of rumble isn't that big of a deal. Hell, I play fighter games at the arcade without any force feedback and do just fine. And PC titles don't have it either. I still remember a topnotch Halo player talking about how using a pad without any rumble actually improved his aiming...

Yeah, there's things about rumble I'll miss, but I'll live.

Daewoodrow6264d ago

Come on, think about what you're saying. Not only do most games offer the ability to tone down or disable rumble, the 360 dashboard can now disable it independantly. At some time or another, most gamers have tried taking it off to see if it affects them, and I have personally found I can't respond to anything without it anymore. It might not matter for new gamers, but vererans will have to go cold turkey.

calderra6264d ago

Sony are so full of douchebags that even after LOSING the patent lawsuit, even after Immersion has demoed motion-sensing rumble controllers, even after PSM had the vid of a Pelican controller that did that for Warhawk on PS1, Sony STILL won't just pony up to the truth and admit that they can not legally implement rumble.

Immersion HAS offered to partner with Sony if Sony would just stop litigating and own up to the loss. But Sony is still fighting the patent issue in court, and despite every kind of loss imaginable, apparently they have some appeals left.

Say all you want about how it's not necessary, but if Sony hadn't lost the lawsuit, rumble would be in the PS3 controller. They're trying to justify the missing feature after the fact, and unfortunately a lot of people are gullible enough to go along with their crude attempts to explain it.

And the explanations Sony's come up with don't even make sense independently!

-We can't do Rumble and Motion in one controller.
=Pelican did it years ago for PS1, the Wii is doing it now, and Immersion has offered to do it for PS3.

-It costs too much.
=As Immersion has said, no it doesn't. The Wiimote has rumble, motion sensing, an infrared pointer, and a speaker, and only costs $40. Trade the speaker and infrared for extra buttons, you have a PS3 controller.
=Not to mention Sony has already said many times that the PS3's features justify the price, and that having the best experience is expensive.

I mean come on, even Microsoft settled their case with Immersion out of court because they knew they'd lose, and Microsoft PWNed the US government on multiple occasions. What chance did Sony think they had?

kikilala6264d ago

immersion stop their b!tching.. they're the reason for no rumble for the sixaxis.. and now they want to force sony to accept the rumble technology back.. they are worst than microsoft...

first u sue them and make they pay u money.. then u want them to be licensee and pay more to u.. what a business strategy.. this company is freakin greedy man...

i hope sony stick with no rumble decision and doesnt submit to Immersion demand... the ps3 doesnt need Immersion force feedback technology to be a great machine...

with PS3 launch at hand and almost guaranteed success.. Immersion is desperate to gain attention and possible income source.. when the PS3 proof to be able to make it without the force feedback.. i guess Immersion force feedback pattern will soon be almost worthless..

PS: i dont hate immersion from the start.. but the more they keep b!thcing and forcing for more "undeserved" income.. the more i grew to hate them..

drewdrakes6264d ago (Edited 6264d ago )

No, greed is sacrificing the environment to make a few more bucks. Or screwing other people over to make a few more bucks. They legitimately made this technology. And they want their money for it. Although, what theyre coming out with next looks incredible.

kikilala6264d ago

"Or screwing other people over to make a few more bucks"

isnt this is what immersion doing to sony..?? first they sue sony (this is not the screwing part, its sony's fault) then they come out with a statement such as these:-

“But now [Sony] seems to say that the solution for the two technologies to work side-by-side is too expensive. … [Immersion] knows of ways to combine these two technologies without incremental increase to the cost"

to make sony looks bad and in at the same time kinda forcing sony to still use their product.. isnt this screwing sony..?? so its true they are greedy right??

anyways, immersion should have keep their damn mouth shut after winning the case... but instead they keep on bugging sony... thats just bad rep man... nobody likes a company like that... unless of course the action of bugging sony is influenced by some of their certain shareholders that involved in this next gen battle *cough* Microsoft *cough*