The End of Arcades-Have Arcades Truly Died?

"Remember back in the day when you and your friends would get together after school to play the new first person shooter game at the arcade or see who can get the highest score in Dig-Dug or Air Hockey? From the early 1980s to around 2006 arcade games were dominating the video game industry as far as getting people to come together to play awesome fun thrilling games for 25 to 50 cents a game sometimes even $1.00 to $3.00 if the game was very high in resolution or very interactive like Dance Dance revolution."

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Orionsangel2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

The only place I see Arcades, sort of anyway. Is at movie theaters and places like Dave n' Busters.

Yi-Long2214d ago

... and there are still alot of arcades around, although obviously there aren't many new games to enjoy, so most have ether rythm-games, shooters, or old racing cabinets.

Many also have cabinets which are running some kind of MAME or whatever, allowing you to chose from hundreds of old games and play them for like 1-2 HK dollar (10-20 cents orso)

Tetsujin2214d ago

I'd kill to go to an actual arcade again that has good games (not just MAME machines either). I especially miss the days of a mall having an arcade that made people think "Do I spend $ here or Funcoland?"

Blank2214d ago

Well arcades for the most part are dead in terms of popularity but there are still some out there like for example I was in Las Vegas sometime ago I went to the downtown section and there was a BARCADE! I think if arcades are combined in a way like that it will still carry on but for the most part sure it wont be as common or plentiful as long ago but it will still be around in other forms all you have to do is search I live in Los Angeles, Ca and we still have some major arcades open from when I was a child (im 24) but hey as long as there are like minded gamers that appreciate arcades or barcades they will still recieve support and money! We might be a dying breed but ill be damned if in my lifetime they go the way of the dodo so SEARCH AND SUPPORT!

neoMAXMLC2214d ago

When you're in Las Vegas again you need to look for Gemini. Amazing arcade with owners who really care about their machines and customers. You also need to check out Round One located in the City of Industry. I agree 100% about arcades needing to combine different attractions and Round One is the perfect example of that. I'm hoping that places like that can revive the arcade scene especially since they support many games you hardly ever see in the US. I think I might just go visit that place tomorrow in fact. :3

Blank2214d ago

Awesome! Thanxs for the tips and names of these places im actually planning a trip back soon to look for more but thanxs to you, you shaved a good portion of my research to find more places like that you get yourself a bubble from me since you were helpful! We need more gamers like you that appreciate this as a hobby and not a grounds for war have a great holidays!

neoMAXMLC2212d ago

No problem man. It's nice living in SoCal because it's one of the very few regions in the US that has some of the best arcades around. Someone below mentioned Super Arcade which is also a great family arcade that puts the gamers first.

Also, I just can't stress enough at how amazing Round One is. That chain is fairly new and based on a franchise in Japan (so you know it MUST be good at what it does). They have the biggest collection of music games I have ever seen and are dedicated at having the newest version of any game week one. They are one of the VERY few places to have the Japan only DDR X3 vs 2nd Mix (a franchise that Konami just flat out dropped in the US after DDR X2) and all machines are in tip top shape even if they were poorly built in the first place (Betson's US DDR X2 cabinets).

There is also a Round One located in Moreno Valley and I'm sure there are much more to come!

Bob Dole2214d ago

Most casinos have arcades in them, although the only people that use them are little kids.

NegativeCreep4272214d ago

to throw away their hard-earned fortunes, enjoy casino arcades.

Being frugal most of the time is the common characteristic of most famous millionaires these days.

Gridloc2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Being a person in his mid 40's I remember the very beginning of arcades and pinball halls. I remember playing arcade games in mono-tone and pong as the first real console. From the days of all you can play for $2.00 an hour to the ridiculous $1 to $ 3 per play, I have been there and done that. I'm glad I was there from the beginning to really appreciate what gaming was, and what it will be. But consoles and PC gaming have all but killed what arcades used to be...

MadMax2214d ago

I also remember those great days, going into an arcade as a kid during the 80s and hearing all those damn classic 80s machines going off! There is just nothing like it! You can have your dave and busters and chuckecheese, it is just not even close! That moon carpet, the sounds, the smell of pizza and popcorn, the slush puppy machine!

For now i will have to hang with Midway arcade origins. I do have a working DKJR machine in perfect condition along with Primal Rage! I will one day turn my garage into an 80s arcade! You wanna see an arcade? Look at what this dude did, he went all out and open to the public once a year! This is truly cool.

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