Tales of Symphonia 2 Screens

And they look awesome, enjoy!

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Ivix3917d ago

They've really outdone themselves with this game! I mean, the textures look identical to the ones to the GC Tales of Symphonia!

How come approximately 1 out of every 3000(give or take a few thousand) games on the Wii actually look like they belong on something more powerful than the Gamecube? Don't get me wrong, I'm loving every minute of Galaxy and Zack and Wiki and would take the control scheme of Metroid Prime 3 over any other FPS I've played, but this is starting to get sad.

Will there be a beautiful Wii game not made by Nintendo?

TruthbeTold3916d ago

What kind of textures do you expect/want? Fact is that the graphics on this game look very noticeably better than the original ToS. With that being said, as long as the gameplay is top notch, then everything will be more than fine. The game looking as good as it does is all frosting on the cake.