Only 300,000 Xbox 360 units sold in 2008? reports: "Back at the beginning of the year Microsoft announced that worldwide Xbox 360 sales figures had reached 17.7 million units by the end of 2007. According to the latest sales figures, revealed by Microsoft's John Schappert, this number has risen to 18 million units over the early parts of 2008.

This suggests that the Xbox 360 console has sold only 300,000 units during the opening weeks in 2008."

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jack who3982d ago

Only 300,000 Xbox 360 units sold in 2008?

whats todays date?

whoelse3982d ago

Its probably more like 18.1 or 18.2

300,000 would sound about right for America but not globally.

s8anicslayer3982d ago

the post is system counts from january 08 to current, not from time of release, read the post before you comment

marinelife93982d ago

I guess it takes a little longer to make an xbox when you're trying to actually make it right the first time. Hopefully they'll catch up with the shortages before GTAIV is released.

whoelse3982d ago

Im talking since start of 2008, not since time of release.

it sold 230,000 in January according to NPD (US only). So 300,000 say by February 10th is about right.

MikeGdaGod3982d ago

there are plenty of 360s in Best Buys and Gamestops around me. the shortages must be in tiny hick towns because there are plenty where i am.

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ericnellie3982d ago

I'll agree with you on that one:)
The whole obsession with console counting is out of control =) I just like reading all the different posts when the NDP numbers are posted!

To each his own ;)

Nevers3981d ago

...yet some of these rants (factual or not) are pretty damn entertaining. Wish the mods would just move the ones over to the zone "they belong to" instead of outright deletion.

Bill Gates3982d ago

Lets see the BABOONS spin this one.....AHAHAHAHAHHAHA

You BABOONS are pathetic gammers that play CRAP games on a pathetic system....AHHAAHAHA

Superiorrior3982d ago

Funny how they have been selling so little, and all of a sudden they jump to 18. Mln units... Take it away Bill Gates!


Will fix everyhting for microshiiiiiiiiiiii

Stubacca3981d ago

The less suckers out there the better.

kewlkat0073982d ago

now were keeping track to the day huh...

Isn't this slow months for gaming after every has emptied their pockets on the holidays...

Plus no big games out really besides DMC4...hmm what else?

Bathyj3982d ago

I agree its been soooo slow for gaming news. PS3 outselling XB in NA and BR winning is still the biggest thing to happen this year. Hopefully march/april should see some good games and more news.

ravinash3982d ago

I've only just got DMC4 and UT3 here in the UK....if this is a slow month, I'd hate to see a busy one.