Skipping a Cut Scene

GamerFitNation: A cut scene is one of the ways the story of the game is told. However when you have played through a game once and already know the story, those same cut scenes can become a major drag. In past years, many games would allow the player to skip through the cut scenes so they could play the game as fast as they wanted too. Some of the more recent games have taken this ability away and it’s a step back in game development.

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Snookies122222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

I don't get why developers don't just set a "flag" for this... You'd have to watch it once, then it would trigger that "flag", making it so that you can skip it any time afterwards. All developers should do this... I mean, it's really not that hard... I was able to do this in my little flash game creations easily years ago. I'm sure big time studios can do it lol.

Blank2222d ago

Excellent comment you just said how I feel about this baffling trend I dont know game development but if its the way you put it I dont see why major dev teams dont incorporate these "flags" if not skip at the very least a fast forward skip its good when a game has so many options from cut scene skipping to chapter selection it makes me into a perfectionist for a gaming session to go back and maybe get a trophy or cheevo as I backtrack in some weird occasions some games dont have chapter selection.... Yeah I know wild right?? For now I for thr life of me cant remember those games....

Snookies122222d ago

Yeah, it's just like a little checkpoint in the coding. Once the point has been passed, (in this case it would be when the cutscene ends). It simply saves a bit of information that tells the game "Hey, I've been through this before." whenever you get to that point again. (Presumably in a new game, or having to restart after dying.)

PhantomTommy2222d ago

Assassin's Creed 3 nearly put me to sleep with all the long winded cut scenes. And it's a joke that I have to put a few hours aside to play a few minutes of Max Payne 3! All cut scenes should be skippable!

ginsunuva2221d ago

AC3 puts a GIANTASS logo in every cutscene saying " PRESS O TO SKIP CUTSCENE NOW"

PhantomTommy2221d ago

As the article said if you even bothered to read it, there are some scenes you can skip and some you can't.

ForgottenProphecy2222d ago

I like how Metal Gear Solid does it. Sure, the cut scenes are long, but you can skip them all. Accidentally hit a button? No problem, it gives you a warning before you skip important information towards the story.

ExCest2222d ago

I don't like cutting my skipscenes. I prefer to watch them but they should have a cut button just for the nth playthrough.