Analyst: Sandy Hook shooting won't impact game sales

Cowen's Doug Creutz says any impact from possible legislation or consumer backlash in wake of deadly Connecticut shooting would be "minor at most."

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Game3s2221d ago

People are not that stupid to actually agree with what the NRA says on violent video games and murderers.

GreenRanger2221d ago

I read in the paper earlier that Adam Lanza owned a website dedicated to Satan.

FreshRevenge2221d ago

so he was a religious nut than, that explains everything! The Devil told him that playing games would make him into a monster. Too bad we can't put Satan on trial!

Would be nice if you can post a link or picture to article though.

GreenRanger2221d ago

This isn't the one i read but it has mostly the same info.

Pushagree2221d ago

The fact that he was simply a nut should be enough to convince anyone that games did not cause him to shoot other people.

d3nworth12221d ago

Convenient how the NRA left out that bit of info.

avenger.avrs2221d ago

And should it impact game sales. I miss the days when someone did something wrong they took the blame and payed for their mistake. Now everyone just looks for something to put the blame on be it tv, video games, or in this case guns.

aliengmr2220d ago

What days are you referring to? Back when we blamed commies for everything? When women were accused of witchcraft?

Avoiding responsibility and blaming others is a pretty common theme throughout history, except these days there are fewer genocides that result.

Your overall point is fine, but there has never been a time in human history when people accepted responsibility for their mistakes more often.

avenger.avrs2220d ago

I guess I mean that is the way my parents raised me. We were taught to take responsibility for our actions and not to blame others or other things for what we did. I understand your point as well. I am just remembering the world when I was a kid. Everyone seemed to actually take responsibility.