US: High-end PS3 sales match low-spec machines

Sony says strong sales of premium machines mean a price cut might not be necessary

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whoelse4994d ago

It says:

"We're seeing that the hard-core gamer is not afraid to throw another $100 at the PS3 because the value proposition is so rich."

So why discontinue it then!

solar4994d ago

totally agree. im interested to see if the end of format war will have a direct impact to the ps3 sales. i predict it will...but only time will tell.

whoelse4994d ago

Well i heard that PS3 sales have increased a lot in the last few days.

TheExecutive4994d ago

I think a price drop of the better sku is what everyone wants. they dont want a dumbed down machine for 100 bucks less, they want the better machine for a 100 bucks less.

mikeslemonade4994d ago

That's the hardcore who want that! I told you that the 40gb sales are more important so they can penetrate the casual market. Thanks a lot for all the people who bought the 80gbs because now Sony won't drop price as fast anymore for any sku.

deeznuts4994d ago

whoelse - I think they are replacing it, not discontinuing the whole premium line altogether.

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heyheyhey4994d ago

yeah it's a big decision for Sony

they could either go on like this with decent sales or drop a price cut and give them a mahoosive boost

i would drop MGS4 and a price drop as two-hit knockout combo

dale14994d ago

for what you get on both units are cheap wifi built in blu ray player, hard drive , my 60gb was bought in march in the uk for £469 when i compared that to the 360 add ons etc at the time i thought that was a bargain now with the 40 gb at £279 on amazon its cheap as chips,and best of all reliable system,

TheMART4994d ago

@ heyheyhey

MGS has never been a real hardware driver. The game sells some nice amount of copies to PS3 owners that stepped in already waiting for their game, but that is it.

Little Big Planet is a hardware driver though. It appeals to a lot more people in general. GTAIV is also one of those, too bad though it's multiplatform from day 1 on and the 360 has the most complete experience.

Back to the possible price drop: the 360 will drop maybe even around the GTAIV release to around 279 to 299 Euro/Dollar. When that happens, Sony needs to follow.

Kaz Hirai4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

We have already considered that your overlords, Microsoft, will plan a price cut around the launch of GTA 4.
When that happens, expect us to react!


PirateThom4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

To say Metal Gear Solid isn't a hardware mover isn't strictly true.

Metal Gear Solid 2 and Gran Turismo 3 were two of the first big titles on the PS2 and they shifted a ton of units. Even Metal Gear Solid on the PS shifted a few units.

heyheyhey4994d ago

poor marty boy- always stuck in the past

you always refer to past events in order to carry out your ridiculous speculation

but face it my good man- MGS3 wasn't highly publicised and was "only for the hardcore" as you put it

MGS4 is different, it comes at a time when the Playstation brand needs it most and this time around it's getting more hype and publicity

and Kojima-san has made it more action-oriented to appeal to the mass market, while retaining the classic stealth portion of the game to keep fans happy

i don't know about the rest of the world- but already i know 5 people buying a PS3 for MGS4

it's a system seller- maybe not as much as LBP or FF13, but a system seller nonetheless

but hey denial is a good thing.... somehow

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