Pachter Eats His Hat

Did the Wii U underperform this holiday season? Plus Pachter “eats his hat” in regards to VGA Game of the Year!

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Godmars2902214d ago

Why does a segment of the public gaming community listen to this man?

PopRocks3592214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

I like his Pach-Attacks more than I like his 'predictions' in the industry. I like the technical and business insight into the industry he sometimes provide. It gives people a better understanding of how some companies think when they make certain decisions.

I'm not saying he is the only source for that sort of information. His insight is better than his predictions though. As for his predictions, he is wrong quite a lot of the time as many analysts can be.

I don't hate him, but I don't think he's a godsend either.

EDIT: I'd also like to point out that Pachter is just some regular guy with a family who does what he does because he is paid to do it. I don't personally feel it's necessary for some to so vehemently detest the man.

ronin4life2214d ago

If I harbor any ill will, it is caused by the extent of his apperant stupidity (in regards to certain subjects) and it's illogical contiuation.

But at the end of the day, I don't hate him at all... just a lot of what he says. If what he predicted was ever even close to logical/accurate, even if I disliked it, then I would feel differently I'm sure. ^ͺ^

I'm sure he is good at certain aspects of his position... he just needs to do a better job with the predictions he makes, or just not bother to make them. @[email protected]

knowyourstuff2214d ago

He eats more than his hat, he's wrong about just about everything he says. I have never heard one thing come out of his mouth that was true, or came true. He has zero credibility, and people only watch his videos to entertain themselves as they watch a person come up with even dumber predictions than they're capable of.

Mounce2214d ago

A great and intellectual post that I could say summarizes him well enough.

lilbroRx2214d ago

Because he bashes Nintendo on the regular, and if the comments section of Nintendo news on this site alone didn't tell, people love hearing negative things about Nintendo.

Mounce2214d ago

At 1:50, he says 'Sony' instead of Nintendo XD Anyone else notice?

HebrewHammer2214d ago

Did anyone notice that he said "Did Sony overestimate demand" when talking about Nintendo?


Farsendor12214d ago

thats an easy mistake to make all humans get words mixed up sometime or another.

HebrewHammer2214d ago

How do you mix up Nintendo and Sony? When your career is dedicated to differentiating the two...

Farsendor12214d ago

im talking in general here,surely you have made a few speech mistakes or general conversation mistakes. the other day i was thinking of my lil cousin nate and i accidentally called my fiance nate.

im not defending this guy but everyone makes general conversation mistakes

HebrewHammer2213d ago

general conversation is vastly different than post-edited and subsequently televised content.

FarCryLover1822214d ago

Doesn't Pachter know that hats are full of trans fats and full of cholesterol. Unhealthy!

ronin4life2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Really? I couldn't imagine them being full of anything but...



jaymart2k2214d ago

I came here for a laugh.

Moncole2214d ago

My mother who knows nothing about games knows more than Pachter.

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