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TotallyGN: "It is a tremendous pack-in game (assuming you get the Wii U deluxe version) and is a great title to show off some of the Wii U’s potential to friends or family who don’t know anything about Nintendo’s new system."

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lilbroRx2221d ago

Another good review. Comments anyone?

live2play2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

for family play time
mario chase, luigis ghost mansion, sweet day are the go to games

for your gamer friends its those plus metroid blast and pikmin adventure

hours of fun

you will laugh ALOT

and the music is sooooo catchy

ElectricKaibutsu2221d ago

I've gotten friends together and played every weekend since I got the Wii U. It's a great game. Pikmin and Zelda co-op are a lot of fun.