The Walking Dead is Overrated? Grow Up!

Charlie writes:

"When Telltale released the first episode of “The Walking Dead”, nobody, not even Telltale, knew how much buzz this game would get. As each episode released, many gamers began to claim that The Walking Dead was their game of the year, possibly snatching the title at the VGA’s (not that it mattered). True to that, the VGA’s and multiple other sites gave the game their award for Game of the Year, beating the likes of Far Cry 3 and Dishonored. And when I read what people have to say about it, I just think “Oh grow up will you”."

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lifesanrpg3698d ago

Who in their right mind is saying The Walking Dead is overrated?

OneAboveAll3698d ago

Me. The Zombie craze is soooooo 2007...

dgonza403698d ago

Uninformed opinion... The game is more about the characters than the zombies.

Sarcasm3698d ago

That proves you didn't play the game or even watch the TV series.

What makes the walking dead so popular on all fronts is the character development. Sure there might be a few boring ones here and there, but overall the series have some great realistic characters. It shows the type of crazy things people do to survive. The message I got from the whole thing is to fear the living more than fearing the dead.

chrispseuphoria3698d ago

It's not about the zombies. The game is about how characters in the game react to the stressful environment they are placed in. Only 10% of the game requires you to kill zombies.

Blastoise3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I would. I enjoyed it, but it still don't think it's as good as everyone is saying it is.

But each to their own I guess, there are definitely games out there that are more overrated than the walking dead..

Bimkoblerutso3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I'm with you. I liked the game, but it's not quite the "revolution in storytelling" it's being made out to be. It's just a really good point and click adventure.

...and to be honest I kind of feel the same way about the show.

Thatguy-3103698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

It isn't a bad game but I do think the game is a bit overrated. In my opinion its just riding along with the popularity of the show. The narrative is intense but the voice acting is mediocre at best and that's why I cant find myself connecting or having sympathy for any of the characters. Good game but not all that great.

omi25p3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

its infinity better than the show. One of the reasons its better is because it doesn't have the whole kill a black guy thing going on.

DasTier3697d ago

Those who claim Journey to be "DA BEST G4ME EVUR!".

greenlantern28143697d ago

people who did not play it, or people who don't understand the walking dead world. a world where yes there are zombies but the real danger is other living people

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Riderz13373698d ago

The Walking Dead and Journey are overrated because they are winning too many Game of the Year awards! DAMN IT!


Kran3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Its just silly yknow. People rage over something so meaningless.

They think just because a games popular, its overrated crap :l

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Ravenor3698d ago

I would accept the Journey stuff as that was a game, one where I had a bit more active role in one what was taking place on screen.

My time spent with Walking Dead I feel is more of a spectator than an active participant. It was just a weird disconnect I had a tough time getting over. I don't begrudge any publication for giving The Walking Dead their game of the year but I don't think it was a flat out better experience than a lot of other more traditional games.

Irishguy953698d ago

It's funny, what you do in the walking dead determines the outcome of it fully./ In Journey, you literally walk and jump, you cannot die or lose etc, you just press and hold the buttons till you get to your destination. Yet, you had more of an Active role than the Walking dead?

It's odd anyway, thinking about which role is actually more active than the other. The walking dead in it's own sense, has you 'acting the role' more than ANY other game out there. Just because you're not in direct control of the character for the alot of it, does not mean your actions and controls do not affect gameplay.

Which game makes you feel like a spectator? The one where you get to go from point to point simply to look at the scenery and simply to get to the point, or the one where any action you make or fail to make can have dire consequences?

Keeping in mind that I LOVE both of these games and am not out to make either of them sound crap or anything, but that's literally what you do in both games. We all know there are more to oth of them than that, especially journey(describing this game makes it sound shit, so if someone asks you what it's like...just say "An epic journey that you should just play" Instead of saying "It's about running to a mountain in the middle of a desert" or "The gameplay consists of walking, jumping and singing")

Hicken3698d ago

Trying too hard, Irish.

Nothing about what you've said will make anyone think you actually played Journey.

DOMination-3697d ago

For once i agree with Hicken! You can die in Journey.

goldwyncq3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The Walking Dead isn't overrated but Journey is. Just unbelievable how many people claim it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Should've won OGOTY(Overrated Game Of The Year)instead.

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whoyouwit043698d ago

It being overrated is a opinion just like it being game of the year is someone else opinion. why don't you grow and stop thinking every ons has the same opinion.

Kran3698d ago

i dont think everybody has the same opinion. why does everybody think I do that?

(see what I did there?)

Getowned3698d ago

No, I don't think its over rated. It was a great game and deserves goty IMO. I have always been a fan of telltale games so it nice to see them get some over due recognition. The Walking Dead is a great game, but I'm really going to miss Lee is Season 2.

League_of_Draven3698d ago

It is overrated. Deal with it. I also think it's funny that he's saying to grow up when he's the one crying about it. The walking dead is mediocre anyways. Just more generic zombie bullshit.

dgonza403698d ago

Generic zombie bullshit? Have you even played it. Nothing generic about it.

Norrison3698d ago

Man, it's your opinion so... I don't give a fuck about it, and the millions of people that enjoyed it too.

Smokeeye1233698d ago

Said the dude who never played it. Have fun with COD or Warcraft or whatever weak shit you play.

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