BioShock Infinite Reverse Art Revealed

Irrational Games revealed the reverse cover art for BioShock Infinite today. The art chosen won 38% of fan votes on the poll posted by studio head Ken Levine earlier this month as the result of displeasure from fans over the game's official box art.

The art, the full version of which can be found after the break, will be printed on the other side of the BioShock Infinite cover. Levine noted that other alternate covers will be made available for fans to print.

Now hopefully we've all learned our lesson: It's what's on the inside that counts.

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SpiralTear2216d ago

An interesting selection. It looks kind of like a classic novel cover.

showtimefolks2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

i appreciate the developers giving us a chance to pick. now its hard to please everyone and i am sure some will still complain but atleast we voted and the majority chose the one(now whether its the right one or not coming down to personal opinion)

can't wait to play it, BTW no matter the art cover, my enjoyment of the game won't be any more or less because of the cover

crxss2216d ago

it's not only hard to please everyone, it's impossible

Blank2216d ago

I agree im thankful they atleast gave us a choice while hearing us out even though I didnt have issues with the cover but the way I see it is that other developers or publishers wouldnt give a damn or even address the issues (insert typical fan ignoring company here) would just move forward and shun the fanbase also people need to stop with this "gamers feel entitled" its because of those vocal gamers most of the franchises have a form of the integrity of the past and major companies think twice about certain moves

rainslacker2216d ago


I haven't been following this too closely. Was curious if the fans were demanding a change, or just voicing their displeasure over the original cover art? That's what makes a difference between an "entitled" gamer, and a passionate fan.

Blank2216d ago


From my view since I saw this from the start here on n4g I saw an article dissing on the game cover I was like "okay so?" then soon enough as the days went by tons of other writers, blogsite, and almost everyone that reports on gaming started complaining along with some passionate fans so what happened was the generous ken levine responded to this issue and even made a youtube video bout the cover which them led to giving us the choice in short this overblown situation was responded by ken levine since he is one of the few top developers to listen to the fanbase but its from what I personally observed

rainslacker2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )


I remember seeing the first articles about this, and I thought the same thing as you, so I never bothered to read it. I never played Bioshock, but have heard good things and was looking at getting BS2 since they have it used at Gamestop.

It seems to me...being that the game already has a known base that it's working from, that the fans would already know what to expect. The cover itself wouldn't really matter, as they likely already are ready to purchase it. The comments here pretty much reflect that.

The hate train can steamroll pretty quickly, and it seems people really like to latch onto these things, especially when something is popular. I think it's a shame that devoted fans' voices get drowned out by it. Honestly the reason most developers don't respond to this kind of stuff, or ignore it, is because a lot of times it is just because of this steamrolling effect, and sometimes responding to it just makes things worse. I give props to Ken Levine for being able to address the situation to appease the fan that were upset. I imagine though they weren't calling for a complete rework of the cover to satisfy their own tastes, or calling for a boycott of the game over it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Knight_Crawler2215d ago

@CRX - Heavy Rain box art says hi.

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Certz2216d ago

People are still complaining about the reversed cover? Get over yourselves, just be glad they gave us an opportunity to pick a cover art. I did not vote for this one but its better than the one on the cover so im satisfied.

vickers5002216d ago

So you're saying people who don't like it should just shut up and keep quiet?

How about you get over yourself. Not everyone likes the cover, and they have every right to voice their opinions.

OhReginald2216d ago

I will let you masturbate to the cover art, while I play the game.....

SideShort2216d ago

Actually, yeah. You should shut up and keep quiet. Don't you remember a time when a company came out with a product, and you bought or did not buy it as it was? Remember when if you didn't like something about a product, you couldn't groan and moan like a 6 year old to have it changed? The $60 dollar excuse has lost it's touch. If the cover art is enough to get you butt-hurt, go buy Ninja Gaiden 3. Game is crap, but it has a nice ninja on the box.

vickers5002216d ago

"If the cover art is enough to get you butt-hurt"

So being a little bit disappointed and expressing that disappointment on the internet counts to you as "butt-hurt"? What does that make you then? How about you just let people vent their frustration or disappointment, however small or insignificant your arrogant mind thinks it may be.

Here's a thought for you: next time you think about complaining about a game (let's say, call of duty), think about what you just said here now and APPLY IT TO YOURSELF. Just shut up next time you have a problem with a game, whatever the problem may be. You want CoD to change? Shut up and be quiet. Want Dark Souls to keep it's hardcore mechanics? Shut up and be quiet. Want a great sp centric game to refrain from adding multiplayer? Shut up and be quiet.

You are NOBODY to tell people what they should and shouldn't be upset about, no matter how insignificant you think the problem may be.

Progress/change is based ENTIRELY around complaining. It's people like you that are responsible for CoDs current success, people who are content with the way things are and shut down anyone who isn't.

You seem to have it in your head that the people who keep making these articles = every single person who is disappointed with the cover. You haven't considered that most people are simply responding to this individually for the first time, you group everyone who ever complains about the cover as if they're on some sort of 3 week long (or however long it's been going on) tirade and rant, people who just can't get over it. You group everybody together, because you're apparently not very bright.

I personally don't hate the original cover. I don't like it, but I also don't hate it, and I've expressed myself once or twice before that I didn't like it, and I'll go ahead for the first time and express myself on the reversible option: I don't like it. Now if those 2 comments upset you SO MUCH, if you find those to be such a waste of a comment that it actually influences you to write a comment about how angry and annoyed it makes you, then maybe you should just get off the internet right now. It's obvious you can't handle it since you can't simply ignore these types of comments.

OhMyGandhi2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I think vickers500 won that round. :)

TiberusX872216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I think you both make fair points, but complaining is unproductive and only meets one problem with another problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being disappointed, but unless you're going too approach the issue with a solution, you're only going to face further disappointment.

I know it appears lame, but a well thought out petition is actually the best way to approach these type of situations. I don't think anybody enjoys hearing problems, I think you're bound to receive a better reception if you go in positive with a solution. We're not lobbying for human rights, we're just consumers trying to get value for our money.

Certz2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

@Vickers500 Cry me a river! If you hate the reversed cover art some much go ahead complain all you want to Ken or Irrational, your just wasting your time. They gave us a chance already to change the cover art. I doubt they'll give us another one so to bad.

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BlmThug2216d ago

People must really have little to do if they are complaining and whining about a damn cover :/

yaz2882216d ago

omg didn't we get over this shit yet?!

the people who bitch about the people who bitch about the cover have become so annoying.

TristanV12216d ago

Thumbs up if you're the 306th viewer

ziggurcat2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

wait... they let people choose the alternate cover art, and *this* is what they chose?


oh man, the original image is way better, and this only goes to show that entitled gamers don't know anything about art, and why devs should never let fans make decisions for them.

what were the other choices?

@ vickers500:

there's a vastly distinct difference between wanting a game's functionality to improve/wanting a game's integrity to be maintained and crying over the cover art. it's just the box art, if you don't like either one of the versions, well... in your own words, "shut up and be quiet."

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BlackPrince 422216d ago

Perfect, I love how unconventional this cover is.

-Falaut-2216d ago

Indeed. For me it gives me the same feeling as the Resistance 3 cover.

SolidGear32216d ago

Yes! Loved the R3 box art! 100X better than the crappy R2 box art!

Enemy2216d ago

Better than what Irrational did to Booker having him pose like a model douche on the current cover, but still just an alright box art. They're being very lazy in this department.

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