Microsoft has no plans for Blu-ray add-on

Speaking to EuroGamer, John Schappert, Corporate Vice President LIVE, Software and Services for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, has expressed his disappointment in the sales of the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on.

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Juevani4986d ago

whats wrong with all these companies, they deny it today and realese it after 2mounths.. Like Epic *No no Gears Of War at GDC* and here comes GDC and guese what they confirmed, a f'ckin GOW game... I bet my PS3 on that MS will announnse a BD add-on within 2 mounths..

Bleyd4985d ago

Didn't they say that they made the HD-DVD drive an addon because they wanted to give their customers the choice? What about the choice in getting a BD drive for the 360? I seriously doubt that they'll have a pity party over HD-DVD forever and they'll release one soon. I'm betting at least before Christmas rolls around.

whoelse4986d ago

If you want the full experience, then the PS3 is the only way.

Truplaya4986d ago

So what. 360 is a games console for gamers, so an addon drive isnt necessary, niether is a built-in one that brings the price up. if a 360 owners wants HD films there's always the download service (which will replace blurays on the PS3 eventually, when Sony catch up with the times).

Oh, and arent all PS3 owners just a little jealous of 360 owners getting Gears of War 2? If it was a PS3 exclusive i would sell my 360 for a PS3

whoelse4986d ago

I prefer Resistance 2, MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, Gran Turismo 5, Haze, HOME with the addition of GTA IV.

Downloads are a long way off from being the norm, especially for non-tech experts. And if you want full HD, Blu-ray is the only way.

darkshiz4986d ago

Full as in Uncompress 1080p
I rather have full then "rent" a movie online with lower res, mass compression, and not full ownership.

BeaArthur4985d ago

GOW was one of the most over hyped games I have played in a while. First and most importantly the multiplayer was plain and simple not very good. Second the game had no story. Third the game could be beaten in about 6 hours. So how could anyone be jealous of what was a very average game. Now with that being said Microsoft doesn't need to add a blu-ray player. I bought a ps3 a few weeks ago and haven't used the blu-ray component yet. I have had an xbox for over a year and have never watched a movie on it (or cared to for that matter).

Superiorrior4985d ago

Go and talk on the open zone if your gonna start the bias-war.

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MJ230074986d ago

I have both:
360 is for games,
PS3 is for blu ray movies.

beavis4play4985d ago

then you're ignoring some great games. don't get why you would own both systems but not take advantage of all options on both.(but i don't understand why you own both) i own a ps3 and couldn't be happier. hig def movies, great arcade games like super stardust HD and hi def games. plus lineup for '08 and into '09 looks spectacular. all in one box! now that i'm listing this stuff, why would you need a 360? for a couple of franchises? if you're happy, ok, but the best value(and what makes better economic sense) is to own a ps3 and wait to see what ms next console looks like. their current offering seems limited by no HD movie playback and using a standard dvd 9 format.

whoelse4985d ago

By the end of the year. ps3 will be best both both worlds. With the huge selection of games this year, the 360 cant beat it.

boodybandit4985d ago

You are not a gamer.
I have both and use both for GAMES.

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