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GamerSyndrome writes:

"I can say, without a doubt, that the Wii U launch lineup is probably the most diverse for any console launch ever, with available games to suit all kinds of gamers’ tastes: from family oriented games like Nintendo Land to hardcore games like Black Ops 2, the exclusive Zombi U and this Darksiders 2, there’s really a lot available to choose from. From a certain point of view, the presence of Darksiders 2 almost fills the void of a Zelda game for now since the series gets some serious inspiration from Link’s adventures, especially in the world’s exploration and dungeons, often requiring new items to solve puzzles and defeat bosses. Darksiders 2 on Wii U enjoys some extra content on disc which is only available as DLC on the other versions and obviously all the Gamepad’s extra features. We’ll be making a quick overview of the game’s most prominent features before focusing on the exclusive Wii u version content."

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