MarzGurl Reviews Final Fantasy XIII - Episode 1

Others may have discussed it, but there's still room to talk about this! Much deeper than ripping it to shreds, episode 1 covers a brief Final Fantasy history to discover what was lost and why XIII just doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy.

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doogiebear2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Are saggy and face is sub-par. Plus I also don't appreciate gimmicks like that in my video reviews.

Perjoss2221d ago

Personally when watching game review videos I don't really care what the person looks like, I care much more about how good they are at reviewing the game.

Pozzle2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Well that was...unnecessarily harsh.

League_of_Draven2221d ago

Perjoss is right...But not in this case. Everyone knows FF13 and its sequels+spinoffs suck so this video is all about the boobs.

-Falaut-2221d ago

Agree Donbear, with the second part of your statement.

As for your first, its nothing that a poorly lit room couldn't fix.

Sarcasm2220d ago

Three things wrong with this review.

1. Boobies are obviously intentional. Put those damn things away.

2. Reviewing an old game that is generally negatively received.

3. Reviewing an old game that is generally negatively received with dumbed down 360 version.

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Treian2221d ago

lol. True FF fans play FF only on Sony and Nintendo platforms.

DarthJay2220d ago

A true Final Fantasy fan plays the game however they want to and enjoys it however they choose to.

Enemy2221d ago

She's playing the jacked up 360 port? Are you serious? Also, welcome to 2 years ago.

Sketchy_Galore2221d ago

I wasn't expecting much but this was actually a very well put together and presented video. I haven't really played a lot of the more recent Final fantasy games but nothing I've seen really makes me want to. I think the main problem that needs correcting, even more than the lack of exploration or interaction is the look of the whole thing. Maybe I'm too old-school but I really think they should go back to more stylised cute looking character models like the cutscenes of Final Fantasy 7 and ditch the realism and sexiness that has every character looking like they're on their way to a My Chemical Romance show (sorry if that's already an outdated reference but that's the newest band I can think of and I'm pretty sure they fit my comment despite the fact that I've never seen or heard them) . They should also have more faith in their audience and go back to impressing us with heart and feeling rather than huge blockbuster moments. The Final fantasy games are mostly well loved because they give you that heartbreaking sort of nostalgic achey feeling (even the ones I never played as a kid) and make you feel truly as if youre escaping into another world rather than trying to thrill you with epic action setpieces and Star warsy space battles.

Also boobies.

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The story is too old to be commented.