One third of Resident Evil 6 gamers didn't play online

A high number of gamers on Xbox and PS3 didn't play Resident Evil 6 online according to sales figures and the official online stat tracking.

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Hellsvacancy2217d ago

Id have a guess and say one third didnt even finish the game

Riderz13372217d ago

Lol I didn't even finish the demo...That game was horrible.

ritsuka6662217d ago

Poor critical reception and low sales...

I think its time for CAPCOM to make an important phone call to a very important person at Platinum Games... you all know whom I'm talking about!

zerocrossing2217d ago

Lol good idea, think that deserves some serious consideration atcualy.

scofios2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


You mean at Tango Gameworks.
I don't think he be interested because he is working on his own horror survival games Project zwei.

CoryHG2217d ago

Low sales? You realize it was the highest grossing resident evil ever right? Leons campaign was the whole reason to play but got to be too much towards the end.

Baka-akaB2217d ago

Lower sales than expected arent at all the same thing as low sales .

Anyway , no surprise there , they wouldnt even let me truly play the game solo (as in no frickin' useless AI partner) .

You wanna build it ground up for co-op fine , but have the decency of letting those that wanna be left alone , truly alone if they care . Till then , not gonna buy a RE title , that i still might have played and even enjoyed , regardless of online opinion

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DevilishSix2217d ago

Regardless of how poor the game turned out even with a 500 person development team, it proves that many gamers perfer to play their horror games alone.

I would say most gamers will play Dead Space 3 offline by themselves, before seeing what the online coop does to the game.

Developers and editors need to remember that yes we live in the online digital edge, but many gamers still like to play offline or alone. It's not all about online or multiplayer to some.

Nerdmaster2217d ago

Maybe Resident Evil players just don't want a multiplayer game. Maybe they just want a good survival horror.

zerocrossing2217d ago

Having an AI or partner with you just ruins the experience for me, being alone makes it much more tense and claustrophobic and that's the foundation for a good survival horror imo.

Baka-akaB2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Yeah the only games in wich i accept permanent AI partners are rpgs . The rest can die in a fire .

Ironically most of those titles even give you the option to play solo , as seen with Capcom's own excellent Dragon's Dogma

zerocrossing2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


Lol I couldn't agree more with that.

Actually come to think of it, one survival horror game managed to be scary and paired you up with some AI (Not all the time mind you) that was "The Thing the game" for ps2, pc and xbox... I think, anyhow part of the reason it was scary was cause your AI partners could turn on you at pretty much anytime and a thing could F your shit up faster than you can yell WTF is that thing?!.

GamerElite2217d ago

In the words of Seinfeld "Ah, That's a shame"

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