10 Xbox 360 Games To Look Forward To In 2013

"In our continuing quest to hype up the decent looking games of the near future, we now turn our attention to the humble Xbox 360. We certainly have our doubts about the future of Microsoft’s second console outing as, now that Nintendo have brought out the Wii U, the Xbox 360 is the weakest piece of hardware on the console market in terms of its graphics and processing power."

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RuleofOne343 2222d ago

Not bad 3 exclusives & 7 Multi-plats , looking to be a fun year.

yaz2882222d ago

If I want to buy a 360 right I wont... ps3 has all these games and better.

those 7 multi games are enough reason alone to not stick with a 360 in 2013.. the exclusive are not even worth mentioning and these articles suppose to show only exclusives imo..

RuleofOne343 2222d ago

Dude buy whatever floats your boat me, me personal own all so I miss nothing . was on how good the upcoming year looks . Yes the title may somewhat be misleading , but would you had came to the site otherwise.

yaz2882222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

dude relax, your missing the point.

are you okay with gears only for next year? if yes good for you. I just hope they do more than that. I don't want to sound like a fanboy but sony is really doing allot and I just hope Microsoft do the same.

and I own all the consoles. (didn't want to generalize and be unfair for the guys who only own a 360).
We ( the hardcore dudes who own all.. and I definitely think there is allot of us ) should show Microsoft that we want more .. halo, gears, forza are not enough( somehow though they think it is )

and that is my point. so yeah, imo its not looking good for 2013 if gears is it for the 360.

I play all the multi games on my pc. cuz of the higher res and smooth fps. I only go for the ps3 to play its exclusives that sony make which are actually good ( there are allot of new ip )

chukamachine2222d ago

The only thing that has held the 360 together is live and cross chat.

ItsTrue2222d ago

But if you can play online for free on PS3, why is the 360 still selling?

palaeomerus2220d ago

Because nobody cares about free online on the PS3 except people who are stuck with it. Same with most PS3 exclusives. Cheap garbage games.

Killzoner992214d ago

GET OFF THIS SITE palaeomerus, you troll.

Killzoner992214d ago

10 garbage Xbox 360 Games To Look Forward To In 2013
Long Live Play