Games To Get Kids This Christmas

So it's literally a couple of days away from christmas and those final hours are catching up for the mad rush to buy the last minute gifts. The guys at Game-Modo have decided to make a list of the best games we think you should get the kids this christmas.

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NexGen2220d ago

Manhunt is great as well...I'd say for the ten and under crowd.

Axonometri2220d ago

Not even remotely funny.

prototypeknuckles2220d ago

man this list is so bare and minimal, it really suck being a kid nowadays, when i was younger there was always something for aomeone my age, now look what yo have skylanders, lego batman, epic mickey 2, i mean those are good games, but i dont think most kids will look back and say man those were some of the best games ever.

aLucidMind2220d ago

Precisely; what happened to games like Banjo & Kazooie? If I get the urge to indulge my inner child, it sucks that we have to scrounge and hope to find a working copy of that game since devs don't make many good kid games of that level anymore.

strigoi8142220d ago

Sonic all stars transformed

DEATHxTHExKIDx2220d ago

I was in line for Black friday this year a woman told me she was getting 3 copies of Halo 4 for her 3 kids....who live in the same house....

tubers2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

More Mario and Pokemon.. and those cutesy/kiddy games by and on Ninty (like Disney Princesses and Nintendogs + cats, Gordon Ramsey game).

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